List of upcoming fixes can be found here.


  • It was never intended for players to have more than one stack of each Prime Synth type. They are currently investigating. (Reddit)


  • On unlocking Forges account-wide:

We’ve passed this feedback along to the team. Ultimately, this is much more than a single value that could be changed. There is development time and test wake that would occur - which needs to be prioritized against bug fixes and other feature development. (Think QOL for other features, or future AP content.)

Can’t make any promises, but folks are aware of this request. Will give updates when I can.

It’s a tricky thing, balancing game development. One QOL fix could eliminate 10 others due to the resources needed, or impact work on new content that’s coming. Not to mention, making the change may break a few other things, taking more developer time to fix the bugs and eliminating more changes that the community is asking for.

There may be a world where we aren’t able to allocate folks to make the change. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know. If we are able to address this, we’ll keep you updated too!

Many thanks to all that have been sounding off on this feedback item. Helps us to give a sense of how many players want the change. (Reddit)

  • On Nightfall Multiplier/Card change:

I have added this to the patch notes. There was no intention of a stealth nerf here. With each season, we increase the maximum power that players can achieve.

This was negating the challenge found in Nightfall activities, and we'd been receiving feedback as such. We are looking at further changes and tuning to the Five of Swords Challenge Card for a future update.

We are working with teams to ensure patch notes like this aren't missed moving forward. (Reddit)

  • Changes to Dreaming City cosmetic drop rate are planned for Update 2.2.1, which won’t be for a few weeks. (Twitter)
    • 1000 Voices drop rate will get updated too. (Twitter)