• They are actively working on changes to drop rates for One Thousand Voices, and other cosmetic items tied to Last Wish and Dreaming City. They hope to have an update for you in the next few weeks. (Forums)
  • On the Summit and feedback:

The players selected for this summit are also representing their respective corners of the internet, covering feedback topics from their communities to discuss.

Cozmo and I frequently bring feedback directly from, Twitter, and other forums to the table. We will continue to ensure that your voices are heard. Luna's/NF, Enhancement cores, Quests, and other topics have been discussed, and we will continue to bring the feedback to the team.  (Forums)

  • On grind:

Hey all,

Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass along feedback concerning Enhancement Cores. Additionally, the team is aware of players wanting the Forge intro quests to either be account based, or shortened on alternate characters.

In terms of Planetary Materials, these can not only be purchased at the Spider, but can also be acquired by completing daily bounties from vendors on each Destination. If you find yourself lacking in these resources, I highly recommend grabbing these bounties as you do Flashpoints or other activities on the destinations.

Ultimately, the current grind of Destiny 2 is a result of of feedback - players asking for long-term goals within the game that can be achieved through gameplay and various investment/economy systems. For the Annual Pass content and post-Forsaken seasons, these were developed to be extensions of the end-game. Increases to power levels, the introduction of more activities or end-game versions of said activities, and new gear to grind for.

This isn't to say "we gave you what you wanted, so stop complaining!" This to say that we've gone in this direction to address player feedback, but Destiny 2 will continue to change and evolve. Not just new reasons to play, but changed to existing content to address feedback and keep players engaged. Quality of Life, sandbox updates, economy tuning, etc.

We will continue to collect feedback and inform the team of what the community is talking about. 

The goal of [enhancement core] currency is to give players meaningful decisions in carrying forward their gear, and also fully masterworking it. At this time, there are no plans to remove Enhancement Cores from infusion, but I can check with the team to see if there are plans for further tuning of acquisition paths or costs. (Forums) 2

  • On Whisper nerf:

Anyone have a video of White Nail not proccing correctly? If there is an issue impacting the perk, I can pass this to the player support team for a bug to be filed.

Ultimately, the change was made to require players to land crit-shots, which essentially grants infinite ammo. If the perk is not working properly, thus leading to loss of ammo, this is an issue that needs to be investigated. (Forums)


  • On getting everyday Guardians invited to the Summit:

We do that frequently. You're not aware of it because they don't have a large following to talk to about it. We don't reveal their identities because some people value their privacy. "If a tree falls in the woods, and it's not a popular streamer..."

Can you see the dilemma? We solicit opinions from players all the time. We do it because it's a smart way to make better games, not for the optics. Not everyone wants to stand in the fire of community scrutiny, so we don't blow their cover.

Every day. We read all the feedback. It's actually hard to keep our devs off the forums. And, there is always the data. You can't take a step in our world or fire a shot without us knowing about it. That teaches us, too. (Twitter)