• They'll have details about Nova Warp in next week's TWAB and how it will be adjusted in the next update. (Reddit) 2
  • Will let the team know that the players want to see less misleading descriptions for where items drop in Collections. (Reddit)
  • Team is looking into the perk of Sealed Ahamkara Grasps not proc-ing at times. (Reddit)
  • On feedback that scrapper bounties shouldn't be retired:

Thanks, I will give this suggestion to the team. I know the current goal is too both make EC acquisition more deterministic so you aren't having to dismantle a bunch of gear hoping for a bounty to pop. But I will let them know that it would be preferred to still have scrapper bounties pop up as bonus acquisition methods. (Reddit)

  • Still no SBMM in Quickplay. (Twitter)
  • On adding hybrid controls to the game (both mouse and controller):

Currently the game switches between inputs so it’s not ideal as there would be a delay. I’m going to see if there is anything we can do to add the ability to support both inputs at the same time this week as a someone else also brought this up on our forums. (Twitter)

  • They're looking into inconsistency of Blink on Emerald Coast. (Twitter)
  • The Vow being un-infusable fixed in next update. (Twitter)
  • Will pass along the feedback that an endless horde mode is something that players would still like to see added to Destiny. (Forums)


  • Players not being able to pull Wizened Rebuke from collections will be fixed with 2.2.1. It It'll be available in collections for repurchase, like Luna's Howl. (Reddit) The Wizened Rebuke currently only has the curated set. DMG's passing along the feedback that the community desires random rolls on the weapon. (Reddit)
    • Current POR is to add Wizened Rebuke to the loot pool later in the season. Players will have to earn the curated roll for it to drop w/ random rolls. This is in development, could be delayed. Will not be included with Update 2.2.1 in early April. (Twitter)
  • Iron Ruby shader isn't dropping from any source at this time. Bug is on the team for investigation of what's going on. They have an update in the pipes (2.2.1) - and sadly, this won't be able to be addressed then. They'll see how quickly they can get a fix out. (Reddit)
  • Season 6 Iron Banner ship is also being investigated. (Twitter)
  • Iron Burden has a 30 minute timer. If your 30 minutes run out mid-match, the burden will last until you return to orbit. In other words, the burden will not expire while shooting baddies. (Twitter)
  • Feedback about the Wizened Rebuke triumph has been passed along, such as that players would like to see it switched to eliminations and not final blows. (Twitter)
  • Drop rates of One Thousand Voices will be increased with 2.2.1 so you have better chances, but it will still be a rare drop. (Twitter)
  • Drop rates for Glimmering Keys will also be increased with 2.2.1. (Twitter)
  • Team is aware of feedback over damage reduction (health of the player in super) and other aspects of Spectral Blades. To set expectations, it won't be updated the next update to Destiny 2, which is currently planned for early April. (Twitter)

We're passing [feedback about Spectral Blades] to the team. We've recently done some tuning to damage reduction on this super, but we see a lot of feedback from the community about super uptime and continued feedback for damage reduction. (Forums)

  • Powerful rewards from Director Challenges were updated in the last Hotfix to give greater bumps through 690 power. Iron Banner Weekly Bounties should be expected to drop +1 power gains upon completion, granting gear specific to Iron Banner. (Twitter)
  • Feedback has been recorded concerning the bonus silver granted with Annual Pass purchase (such as all bundles being more expensive than the bonus silver you get.) (Twitter)