• They are investigating an exploit with the Gambit Prime Sentry armor set. While they investigate, they are disabling the Gambit Prime bonus perks from this set and Sentry Synths until a hotfix can be deployed at a later date. (Twitter)


  • They've seen the Feedback on Code of The Missile and Ward of Dawn, and they're being looked at for future updates. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to buff the top tree of Dawnblade has been passed along. (Forums)

Quick PC Gambit Bounty stream summary.

  • Gambit and Gambit Prime isn't Bungie's vision for the PVP future of the Destiny franchise. Gambit is its own experience. PVP was added onto Gambit because that's what they found to be the most fun experience.
  • They were very conscious of trying to deliver the message that Gambit is not the Crucible.
  • There are members of the development team who come into Bungie every day to work on Destiny, and they are hard at work right now on future evolutions for the Crucible.
  • Crucible is going to grow from where it is currently, the essence of the Crucible (being pure PVP) will remain but there will be changes. Keep an eye on Bungie's career page.
  • Having invasions wasn't part of Gambit's original idea.
  • With 2.2.1, some changes are coming to Gambit:
    • Portal cooldown during Primeval phase will be increased to 40 seconds (from 30).
    • Amount of health invaders heal the Primeval will be reduced from 12% to 8%
    • They want to see how these changes land before they touch the Primeval burn.
  • Keeping Gambit Prime and regular Gambit separate (in regard to Prime armorsets) gives them more freedom to develop cool perks without worrying how those perks would ripple outward rest of the game.
  • They ran out of time to implement all old Gambit maps to Prime, so Kell's Grave and Cathedral of Scars had to be left out.
    • They've heard a lot of feedback about death drops of those maps.
  • The maps rotate. They were fixed before (not a bug) so people could try them out and learn them.
  • Matchmaking is based on the number of games you've won and how many you've lost, what you're doing in the mode, and if you're solo or not. Premade teams get their MMR bumped up whenever they match against solo players, teams now in Gambit and Prime will actually match against better solo players to try to find that best possible match. They're keeping an eye on it to see if it needs to be improved but so far it shows positive change.
  • Number one reason they made Prime and Gambit matchmade activities was accessibility. They wanted to allow as many people as possible to play. This wasn't always the plan, but they felt like it was the best thing to do to open it up to as many people as possible.


(contd from here.)

Robbie: Sentry wanted to be a little bit more of a support role, and we’re seeing a lot of people react to that really positively. If anything, we’re going to look at if that set for instance was going to get touched we (?) how can we lean more into that Sentry providing that support or providing that ability to kill those blockers and Primevals.

Are the maps fixed to the week, or do they rotate per game?

Peter: They rotate. They were fixed, but as of this week we’re rotating all for maps. They’re in random rotation now.

Did we fix a bug or did we change a goal?

Peter: It was always the plan. We wanted to give you one map to focus on as we rolled out Prime, and then when once you introduced all four of them get them all in.

Is matchmaking based on average Infamy of said team vs another team’s Infamy?

Robbie: No. So, our matchmaking is actually--- the way it finds matches is a combination of a lot of different stuff. If we’re going to boil down to kinda the biggest details: first the biggest thing we look at is the number of games you win or lose. Gambit is primarily matchmade based on how well you’re doing recently, how many games you’ve won and how many games you’ve lost. The next thing we look at in order to adjust matchmaking within that is things you’re doing in the mode. Banking motes, killing AI, killing players, losing motes. We basically taken all the main things you can do in the mode, and we kinda use that to adjust the matchmaking on top of that.

The third layer that we added just recently, we started actually taking teams that are premade and go into the playlist, they actually get all of their– what we refer to as their MMR kinda bumped up whenever they’re matching against a bunch of other solo players. Teams now in Gambit and Gambit Prime will actually match against better solo players to try to find you that best possible match. ‘cause we know that Gambit is team-based activity, and if you’re on comms with your buddy, you have an advantage.

Peter: To compensate for solos of equal skill going up against four teammates, and all of them are equal skill, the teammates have an advantage. By raising up that… the ranking of those teammates, it helps to find a better match.

Robbie: What we found was-- after we originally deployed this to Gambit a few weeks ago and deployed it to Gambit Prime last week for normal Gambit, we saw those players who had lost more often had actually started winning quite a bit more. Since we solved that positive change in normal Gambit and we had a bunch of matchmaking data on that, it was a positive change from what we’ve seen so far. We’re going to look at it in Prime and see if the engineers need to make any more adjustments over the next few weeks to coming months.

Why did you choose to make Gambit Prime a matchmade activity at all?

Peter: Number one reason is accessibility. We wanted to allow as many people as possible to play, and we wanted people be able to try – without Fireteam members – learn the game, discover how to get better. If we close it off to make it only for Fireteams then it means far fewer players. By having it open, you have a choice. You can go in with your friends and you can play that way, or you can solo queue and play that way. It comes down to: how can we get the experience infront of the most people, and enable the highest variety of players to participate?

Robbie: Especially because this is an Annual Pass release, right? We really wanted to make sure that many people can hop in. And while the mode is a little bit more complicated than normal Gambit, and has a few more mechanics that do encourage more teamplay… we definitely iterated on the mode in a way that we kinda discussed in this stream. Final Envoy always spawning in the Primeval, being able to pass through that Well of Light so you can carry the buff through it, all the way we’re handling the waypoints in the HUD to guide you. We definitely tried to do as much as we could to guide players, even if you’re not on comms about where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing.

Peter: And you have time in the ready room to check out your team and see what they’re wearing, what roles they’re going to play. Now it fulfills some of that promise of that ready room, of being able to check things out and strategize even without talking to your teammates.

This wasn’t always the plan.

Robbie: No. Initially, we had set out to make Prime not a matchmade activity in very early development. We decided as we were making it that-- really we felt that the best thing was to make it as accessible as possible, and open it up to as many people as possible.

Peter: Which is the same arc as Gambit went through. Originally, Gambit was going to be Fireteam focused and we changed our minds there as well to make it accessible to as many people as we could.

Robbie: The interesting thing about Destiny is inherently a social game the way its designed, premade allows you to create this relationship with a small group of people that can last a really long time. But it is like putting the garden wall up, right? Not everyone has the time to organize groups, not everyone wants to organize groups. So, we just wanted to make sure, especially with Prime, people can figure it out. People can put the puzzle pieces together, and we’re trying to give them all the best information possible to do that. We believe that playing with strangers is still a social experience, and it was important for the mode.

Peter: I think you can have varying levels of success within Gambit prime in or out of a fireteam. With raids, there are a lot of encounters in the raid where if you’re not communicating you can not succeed, you are forced to fail. I think that’s the big difference.