Quick PC Gambit Bounty stream summary.

  • Gambit and Gambit Prime isn't Bungie's vision for the PVP future of the Destiny franchise. Gambit is its own experience. PVP was added onto Gambit because that's what they found to be the most fun experience.
  • They were very conscious of trying to deliver the message that Gambit is not the Crucible.
  • There are members of the development team who come into Bungie every day to work on Destiny, and they are hard at work right now on future evolutions for the Crucible.
  • Crucible is going to grow from where it is currently, the essence of the Crucible (being pure PVP) will remain but there will be changes.
  • Having invasions wasn't part of Gambit's original idea.
  • With 2.2.1, some changes are coming to Gambit:
    • Portal cooldown during Primeval phase will be increased to 40 seconds (from 30).
    • Amount of health invaders heal the Primeval will be reduced from 12% to 8%
    • They want to see how these changes land before they touch the Primeval burn.
  • Keeping Gambit Prime and regular Gambit separate (in regard to Prime armorsets) gives them more freedom to develop cool perks without worrying how those perks would ripple outward rest of the game.
  • They ran out of time to implement all old Gambit maps to Prime, so Kell's Grave and Cathedral of Scars had to be left out.
    • They've heard a lot of feedback about death drops of those maps.
  • The maps rotate. They were fixed before (not a bug) so people could try them out and learn them.
  • Matchmaking is based on the number of games you've won and how many you've lost, what you're doing in the mode, and if you're solo or not. Premade teams get their MMR bumped up whenever they match against solo players, teams now in Gambit and Prime will actually match against better solo players to try to find that best possible match. They're keeping an eye on it to see if it needs to be improved but so far it shows positive change.
  • Number one reason they made Prime and Gambit matchmade activities was accessibility. They wanted to allow as many people as possible to play. This wasn't always the plan, but they felt like it was the best thing to do to open it up to as many people as possible.


  • They'll have details about Nova Warp in next week's TWAB and how it will be adjusted in the next update. (Reddit) 2
  • Will let the team know that the players want to see less misleading descriptions for where items drop in Collections. (Reddit)
  • Team is looking into the perk of Sealed Ahamkara Grasps not proc-ing at times. (Reddit)
  • On feedback that scrapper bounties shouldn't be retired:

Thanks, I will give this suggestion to the team. I know the current goal is too both make EC acquisition more deterministic so you aren't having to dismantle a bunch of gear hoping for a bounty to pop. But I will let them know that it would be preferred to still have scrapper bounties pop up as bonus acquisition methods. (Reddit)

  • Still no SBMM in Quickplay. (Twitter)
  • On adding hybrid controls to the game (both mouse and controller):

Currently the game switches between inputs so it’s not ideal as there would be a delay. I’m going to see if there is anything we can do to add the ability to support both inputs at the same time this week as a someone else also brought this up on our forums. (Twitter)

  • They're looking into inconsistency of Blink on Emerald Coast. (Twitter)
  • The Vow being un-infusable fixed in next update. (Twitter)
  • Will pass along the feedback that an endless horde mode is something that players would still like to see added to Destiny. (Forums)
  • They are making the drop rates increase each Reckoning completion you don't get a drop until you have a guaranteed chance for a weapon to drop. They will also be adding most of the weapons to the loot pool of Gambit Prime to increase the ways you can earn Season of the Drifter weapons. Most weapons will have a chance to drop at the end of Gambit Prime matches and the drop chances will also increase each match you don't get a drop. Gnawing Hunger, Just In Case, and Doomsday will remain as exclusive drops in the Reckoning. (Reddit)
    • You can read the official post here, these changes are currently scheduled to deploy next week in 2.2.1.
  • They will share details for what Sandbox changes we are making in 2.2.1 in the the TWAB on Thursday. The changes are scheduled to go live on 9th of April. (Reddit)
  • They have always been mindful against having a system where you can get griefed by someone killing you over and over again out in Patrol. They tried to setup Gambit in a way where the PVP element was intermittent and you still felt like you were contributing to the team if you were not a strong PVP player. (Forums)
  • They've seen the Feedback on Code of The Missile and Ward of Dawn, and they're being looked at for future updates. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to buff the top tree of Dawnblade has been passed along. (Forums)


  • Players not being able to pull Wizened Rebuke from collections will be fixed with 2.2.1. It It'll be available in collections for repurchase, like Luna's Howl. (Reddit) The Wizened Rebuke currently only has the curated set. DMG's passing along the feedback that the community desires random rolls on the weapon. (Reddit)
    • Current POR is to add Wizened Rebuke to the loot pool later in the season. Players will have to earn the curated roll for it to drop w/ random rolls. This is in development, could be delayed. Will not be included with Update 2.2.1 in early April. (Twitter)
  • Iron Ruby shader isn't dropping from any source at this time. Bug is on the team for investigation of what's going on. They have an update in the pipes (2.2.1) - and sadly, this won't be able to be addressed then. They'll see how quickly they can get a fix out. (Reddit)
  • Season 6 Iron Banner ship is also being investigated. (Twitter)
  • Iron Burden has a 30 minute timer. If your 30 minutes run out mid-match, the burden will last until you return to orbit. In other words, the burden will not expire while shooting baddies. (Twitter)
  • Feedback about the Wizened Rebuke triumph has been passed along, such as that players would like to see it switched to eliminations and not final blows. (Twitter)
  • Drop rates of One Thousand Voices will be increased with 2.2.1 so you have better chances, but it will still be a rare drop. (Twitter)
  • Drop rates for Glimmering Keys will also be increased with 2.2.1. (Twitter)
  • Team is aware of feedback over damage reduction (health of the player in super) and other aspects of Spectral Blades. To set expectations, it won't be updated the next update to Destiny 2, which is currently planned for early April. (Twitter)

We're passing [feedback about Spectral Blades] to the team. We've recently done some tuning to damage reduction on this super, but we see a lot of feedback from the community about super uptime and continued feedback for damage reduction. (Forums)

  • Powerful rewards from Director Challenges were updated in the last Hotfix to give greater bumps through 690 power. Iron Banner Weekly Bounties should be expected to drop +1 power gains upon completion, granting gear specific to Iron Banner. (Twitter)
  • Feedback has been recorded concerning the bonus silver granted with Annual Pass purchase (such as all bundles being more expensive than the bonus silver you get.) (Twitter)
  • The team is currently looking at feedback regarding Luna's Howl. They've seen numerous threads over Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten over the last few months, and have been looking at usage stats on the backend. They will let you know once they have a plan together. (Forums)
  • The feedback of adding banners to older content (Shattered Throne, Leviathan) is known by the team, but it may remain on a backlog. Balancing between bug fixes, QOL, and creation of new content is a tricky act - but they'll be sure to let you know if this change can be made in the future. (Forums)
    • Feedback to rename the banners has been passed along to the team. A quick example of how they're taking this feedback moving forward would be the raid banner at the beginning of Reckoning activities. No need to rename. (Forums)
  • On there being little reward in D2:

It's a difficult balancing act. When Destiny 2 first released, we received a lot of feedback that things were to easy to earn. Without random rolls, there was no reason to replay activities to re-earn rewards. Without RNG, things were missing the spark of Destiny 1. An example we'd see was players replaying Vault of Glass numerous times for the Mythoclast.

That said, we're doing some tuning on RNG. Reckoning will have better chances, and bad luck protection, for weapon drops. We're making sure the Nightfall rotation brings back activities more frequently for the unique weapons/rewards, and ada-1 bounties offer bounties for every weapon so you can grind out your desired roll.

We've also introduced Pinnacle Weapons - players have given a lot of great feedback on how they enjoy the straight path to a reward, but we've also gotten poor feedback that the path is sometimes too easy or too hard.

All in all, Destiny 2 will continue to evolve. Whether it be tuning RNG, Sandbox, Crucible - the experience will continue to change. Cheers to all who are coming along for the ride. (Forums)

  • On scheduling and how the next patch addressing DC ship drop rates lands after full curse week:

That’s how scheduling pans out sometimes.

We couldn’t bring the patch forward a week- would have lost some fixes and tuning in the process.

Couldn’t bump curse week out, would have impacted many systems tied to the calendar of recurrence.

I agree, it’s a bummer we couldn’t have these both land on the same week, but curse week will continue happening in Destiny 2- it’s not going away. You will have a chance to get the cosmetic next time Shattered Throne is around. (Forums)

  • Spider's bounties are purely RNG. They are currently addressing poor selection in Nightfalls and Ada's bounties (planned for 2.2.1). Will follow up to ask about Spider bounties. (Forums)
  • They've seen feedback for vendors, ranging for more sources for Enhanced Perks, to splitting reward packages between Armor and Weapons. (Forums)
  • They're seeing a lot of players this season taking on the solo challenge in Comp. With the recent matchmaking changes for Glory, they're also seeing a bit more success from players reaching Fabled. (Forums)