• You'll be able to complete each step of the Thunderlord quest at your leisure. No waiting for reset. (Reddit)
  • Suggestion to grant Enhancement Cores on level up has been sent to the team. (Reddit)
    • They're not dodging the question about Enhancement Cores. Unless the team changes their plans their isn't much else the CMs can say on the topic. (Forums)
  • The subclass changes are permanent, will not be going away once Arc Week is done. (Twitter)
    • Goal with Arc Week was to bring up the Pre-Forsaken Arc subclasses, but the sandbox team is looking into other abilities that the community has given a lot of feedback on like Spectral Blades, Thundercrash, and Ward of Dawn. (Forums) 2


  • On sub-rank/Rank Lock in Comp:

Team is currently looking at this feedback. The introduction of rank floors is something that we looked at prior to Season of the Drifter, but we sadly didn’t have the resources available to implement and test.

Will look into this later in the week to see where it’s sitting on the QOL backlog. (Forums)

  • On removing "Go To Ada" from Powerful Frame steps:

Team is aware of this feedback. Sadly, pulling the step is a little harder than clicking a checkbox. I’ll check status this week to see where it’s sitting on the QOL backlog.

To fully set expectations here, I do not know know if a change will be made any time soon. Will let you know when I have info. (Forums)