• On Geomags and Chaos Reach:
    • They looked into it with two builds side by side pre and post patch. They weren't able to see any changes to damage outputs from Chaos Reach or reduced super extension from Geomags. (Reddit) 2
    • There is a bug currently where enemies won't take any damage from Chaos Reach if they were shot by Thorn with Soul Devourer active. That could explain Chaos Reach and Geomags not working right. (Reddit) 2
    • Cozmo will make sure they checked to see if it is console specific or possibly tied to a framerate issue. (Reddit)
    • Videos are appreciated. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Weapon Telemetries has been forwarded, that either the community wants them to be removed from the game or that the payout from turning them in should be increased. (Reddit)
  • They're looking into issues with Blink, where it sometimes can only get you about 1 foot off the ground. (Reddit)
  • Arbalest will be available without buying the pass. (Reddit)
  • The tonic effects from the upcoming Revelry event will also apply to Competitive. Concerns about it being active in Competitive have been brought up. (Reddit)
  • Will let the team know that players would like to see vendors changed to be more like Ada. (Forums)


  • Enhancement Cores:
  • Discuss here.

Hey all,

A few weeks back, we talked about Enhancement Cores coming from Gunsmith bounties. I wanted to give a quick update on this, as it also involves Mod Components! Please note- this is all still in development, and could change.

  • Originally announced in the TWAB, these bounties would cost Gunsmith materials. This has been changed to Glimmer.
  • There will be multiple daily bounties to complete, each rewarding one enhancement core and two mod components
  • There will be two weekly bounties to complete. These will each grant one enhancement core, one mod (Weapon or Armor), and other materials or reputation/rank points depending on the objective of the bounty.
  • Note: When I say rank points, think Valor or Infamy, not Glory.

The team is continuing to evaluate feedback over mod components, enhancement cores, and rewards all up. Thank you for the continued feedback. We'll give you updates as we have them. (Reddit)