• Suggestion to grant Enhancement Cores on level up has been sent to the team. (Reddit)
    • They're not dodging the question about Enhancement Cores. Unless the team changes their plans their isn't much else the CMs can say on the topic. (Forums)
    • They are looking to reduce spam on the forums, as there are many feedback topics for the game, not just Enhancement Cores. Threads that are simply copy/paste or spamming the same subject will be locked and or removed. (Forums)
      • Some responses that were removed were insulting other players. (Twitter)
  • Goal with Arc Week was to bring up the Pre-Forsaken Arc subclasses, but the sandbox team is looking into other abilities that the community has given a lot of feedback on like Spectral Blades, Thundercrash, and Ward of Dawn. (Forums) 2
  • There should be no impact from changing your PSN ID on your Destiny progress. If you come across any edge cases, let Bungie know. (Reddit)
  • Arbalest will be like Thunderlord, where it can drop from Engrams after the event. (Reddit)
  • They're looking into if the nerf to Chaos Reach and Geomags was intentional. (Reddit)
    • They looked into it with two builds side by side pre and post patch. They weren't able to see any changes to damage outputs from Chaos Reach or reduced super extension from Geomags. (Reddit) 2
    • There is a bug currently where enemies won't take any damage from Chaos Reach if they were shot by Thorn with Soul Devourer active. That could explain Chaos Reach and Geomags not working right. (Reddit) 2
    • Cozmo will make sure they checked to see if it is console specific or possibly tied to a framerate issue. (Reddit)
    • Videos are appreciated. (Reddit)
  • Arcstrider damage bonus stacking with Super wasn't an intended change. They are looking into it. (Reddit)
  • They are looking into the issue of players saving Ethereal Keys in the postmaster over DLC launches. They will let you know if there are any changes. (Twitter)
  • They’re investigating an issue where the Sony exclusive weapon Wavesplitter was made available from Xûr on Xbox and PC. They’re currently working on a fix. In the meantime, Xbox and PC players who acquired the weapon will be able to use it. After the fix goes live, the players will still have it in their inventories, but will not be able to equip it until this weapon enters the general Exotic loot pool in September 2019. (Forums)
  • Feedback about Weapon Telemetries has been forwarded, that either the community wants them to be removed from the game or that the payout from turning them in should be increased. (Reddit)
  • They're looking into issues with Blink, where it sometimes can only get you about 1 foot off the ground. (Reddit)
  • Will let the team know that players would like to see vendors changed to be more like Ada. (Forums)
  • There is a bug where Unbroken title requires Forsaken to claim. Fixed in a future update. (Reddit)
  • On Revelry and the Crucible:
  • With the Revelry, we wanted to rejuvenate every activity type in Destiny with a global change to the Sandbox meta that lasted for a limited time. We knew this would be disruptive, but were willing to try the experiment because the event only lasts for a few weeks.

    It’s clear we overshot – instead of adding excitement and variation to the Crucible (especially in Competitive), we’ve instead made the experience random and frustrating.

    We don’t have the ability to immediately remove Tonics in Competitive via our servers. We’ll continue to investigate possible changes but this experiment will have to run the duration of the Revelry before we can patch a change.

    We’ve learned a lot from the last 2 days of Revelry. The next time we make changes that affect the overall Sandbox for a limited time, we will ensure a much better experience for the Crucible. (Reddit) (Forums)

    • You'll have 4 weeks after the Revelry ends to finish Fabled/Legend Glory pushes. (Reddit)


  • On sub-rank/Rank Lock in Comp:

Team is currently looking at this feedback. The introduction of rank floors is something that we looked at prior to Season of the Drifter, but we sadly didn’t have the resources available to implement and test.

Will look into this later in the week to see where it’s sitting on the QOL backlog. (Forums)

  • On removing "Go To Ada" from Powerful Frame steps:

Team is aware of this feedback. Sadly, pulling the step is a little harder than clicking a checkbox. I’ll check status this week to see where it’s sitting on the QOL backlog.

To fully set expectations here, I do not know know if a change will be made any time soon. Will let you know when I have info. (Forums)

  • Enhancement Cores. Discuss here.

Hey all,

A few weeks back, we talked about Enhancement Cores coming from Gunsmith bounties. I wanted to give a quick update on this, as it also involves Mod Components! Please note- this is all still in development, and could change.

  • Originally announced in the TWAB, these bounties would cost Gunsmith materials. This has been changed to Glimmer.
  • There will be multiple daily bounties to complete, each rewarding one enhancement core and two mod components
  • There will be two weekly bounties to complete. These will each grant one enhancement core, one mod (Weapon or Armor), and other materials or reputation/rank points depending on the objective of the bounty.
  • Note: When I say rank points, think Valor or Infamy, not Glory.

The team is continuing to evaluate feedback over mod components, enhancement cores, and rewards all up. Thank you for the continued feedback. We'll give you updates as we have them. (Reddit)

  • It's uncertain if they have the ability to freeze Glory decay for Revelry. There is potential for this to be something they add as a QOL feature for the future. Can't make a promise on that, but team is aware. (Reddit)
  • Guitar Errors and orbs:

Hey all,

We’ve been tracking an issue where Guitar errors were appearing frequently in Raids, Gambit, and Gambit Prime since the Revelry event went live. Through our investigation, we’ve found that Orb generation off of precision kills, specific to Revelry, are causing these errors.

Effective immediately, we’re disabling precision Orb generation for these activities for the remainder of the event. Additionally, we will be disabling this functionality in Competitive Crucible. While we are unable to disable the effects of Tonic buffs, we have the ability to disable Orb generation which has been a topic of feedback since Revelry went live.

Triumphs and Bounties associated with Revelry orb generation may be completed in Quickplay Crucible playlists, Strikes, Patrols, Black Armory Forges, and the Verdant Forest. (Forums) (Twitter)

  • Revelry Precision Orb Generation has been disabled in Raids, Gambit, and Gambit Prime to prevent Guitar errors. They have also disabled this functionality in Competitive Crucible. (Twitter)
  • Arbalest can be solo'd without playing Crucible, but completionists will have to dip their toe into PvP. The team is investigating Guitar errors to see if a fix can be applied, but they may not be able to prior to the event ending. (Twitter)