• They have the ability to turn off the Orbs server side, but the Tonic would require a client patch. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to add Trials weapons to Comp lootpool has been forwarded. (Forums)
  • Will ask if they can reduce the amount of orbs required for the Verdant Light triumph. (Forums)


  • More on the Verdant Light triumph and turning Reverlic Light back on in Gambit:

We’re looking into options here. We are in a world where turning orbs back on in Gambit would risk a very large portion of games played over the course of three weeks.

While some in this thread were noting that they didn’t have issues, we were witnessing a very large increase in errors that impacted the entire population, whether they were engaging in Revelry or just playing Gambit for Gambit.

That said, we are looking at potential options here, reducing orb requirements for the competitive (Gambit/Crucible) triumph being one of them. Can’t make promises yet, but the team is investigating and aware of this feedback.

We will give you an update when we can. (Reddit) (Forums)

  • Revelry Ornaments:

Checking with the team last week, we've got the following info for you!

  • Ornaments have a similar set-up to the Reckoning weapons after update 2.2.1
  • Chances increase with each package purchased that does not contain an Ornament

NOTE: This is Character based. If you are hopping around from character to character and purchasing packages, your chances are increasing, but steadily across each. If you're looking to earn the ornaments, I suggest sticking to a single character when buying the packages to have the best chances before the event ends. We've tested this internally, and I've done the same on my account at home over the weekend to make sure.

That said, the team is aware of feedback over the contents of the packages, the price of them, and the desire for ornaments to last longer than the event. As with the Tonic, the time it would take to develop changes, properly test them, and deploy would take longer than the remainder of the event. Ultimately, the feedback collected during the Revelry will be used to inform future development of events.

Thanks to all who have been posting, and we'll continue to monitor for the next two weeks! (Reddit)

  • Missed patchnote about Striker Titan bottom tree can be found here.
  • Sparrows on Mercury:

Last year, we were looking at some QOL topics to address. Sparrows on Mercury was one of them.
An issue came up when developing the change, which was towards the tail end of a development cycle, causing builds to crash. There wasn't proper time to investigate, so the change was reverted and the item was placed on a backlog, as other items had higher priority. (Ex: Developing Forsaken, other QOL changes, etc.)

I'll check with the team to see if this can be re-evaluated for the future. (Forums)

  • Moving forward, they are making pinnacle weapon quests account based. (Forums)