• They're tracking the bug where shaders, moods, mods and alike refuse to apply. (Reddit) (Forums)
  • They are working on a fix for Vex not counting for this week's Invitation Of The Nine pursuits. (Reddit)
  • Iron Ruby bug (IB shader) should be fixed for the next Iron Banner. They will let you know if anything changes. (Forums)
  • Will let the team know that players would like to see all available PVP maps more often/at all in Quick Play. (Cozmo knows there are some map/mode combinations that players have given feedback on not playing well like Control on Emperors Respite.) (Forums)


  • Luna's Howl:

Re: Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten changes for Season of Opulence

The team has been hard at work on these changes, ensuring the weapons are still viable (and heavy hitters) in the sandbox. Coming from playtests, they still feel to be the "pinnacle" legendary hand cannons of D2.

To answer a few questions:

  • The weapon retains the recoil and animation of 180 RPM Precision handcannons
  • The change to Magnificent Howl prevents 2tap kills. Ex: Players could get 2 headshots on one enemy to proc Magnificent Howl, and then defeat another in just 2 headshots.

We'll be watching feedback as it comes in, and once the changes go live in Season of Opulence. Cheers to all chiming in with their thoughts. Keep asking questions, and we'll answer where we can. (Twitter)

  • On QA:

QA is an important part of development at Bungie. The team spends hours going through aspects of the game. To claim that we do not spend time on QA for Destiny 2 is false. Context: An alternate issue prevented us from encountering this during the QA window.

An alternate issue occurred in development where objectives for defeating enemies on specific destinations would gain progress from ANY destination. When testing Vex kills in the Warden of Nothing strike, this gained progress due to that issue.

We recently addressed this issue, so progress would only be made on the required destinations. As such, we've now found that the Warden of Nothing strike is not registering as the Tangled Shore. The team is developing a fix, and we'll give updates on when to expect it. (Twitter)