• Will let the team know that there is a lot of feedback to buff Oxygen SR3. (Reddit)
  • The change to Xur didn't work properly to allow for Xûr to have random rolls on armor. They are currently investigating this issue. (Reddit)
  • On frequency of Sandbox updates:

We are always trying to do as many updates to the overall sandbox as we can. We just did made changes to many of the arc subclasses a few weeks ago. We are making some changes to Spectral Blades in the next update, and then we have the pinnacle Hand Cannon changes coming in Season 7. I know that there are still a lot of things that the community would like changed. Please continue to give us feedback and we will let the team know what changes players are requesting most often. (Reddit)

  • On balancing PVE and PVP separately, and Lunas:

We've definitely been making changes recently that affect PVP and PVE slightly differently. A few examples from 2.2.1

Buff now increases weapon damage

  • 25% in PvE
  • 20% in PvP

Lightning Reflexes:

  • Increased damage resistance while dodging from 25% to 40% in PvP
  • Increased damage resistance while dodging from 63% to 70% In PvE

But we do still want to maintain a consistent feel where possible so things don't behave wildly different depending on the activity.

I can definitely let the dev team know that there are concerns that the changes to Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten will have impacts on using those guns in PVE.

I just got Luna's recently and haven't used it in PVE that much yet, so let me know how you like to use LH/NF in PVE and what changes you would like to see to preserve it's effectiveness against combatants. (Reddit) 2

  • They're still working on getting a fix out for the Invitations of The Nine bug. (Forums)
  • Feedback to bring back Rift and Elimination has been passed along. (There were a lot of complaints about Rift back in D1) (Forums)