• At this time, they are unable to auto-complete Invitations of The Nine.

Hey all,

At this time, we are unable to auto-complete this step of the quest. Ultimately, all players on this step will be delayed until a hotfix is issued.

Stay tuned to @BungieHelp. We’ll have details on the next hotfix within the next few days. Just finalizing the details. (Reddit)

This issue impacted more than just the Invitations of the Nine quest steps. Reverting the global fix would break a few other things, and not address the actual issue that's impacting this quest.

Fixing the actual bug here will prevent future issues if we have quests like it in the future. We fully understand the bummer of being delayed a week on this step - I'm right there with you. We should have a fix pretty quick. (Reddit)

  • On Blackout in Reckoning:

We've been monitoring completion rates and general community feedback. At this time, there are no plans to remove Blackout from Reckoning.

I've seen a few strategies to overcome this modifier throughout feedback threads, ranging from weapon loadouts to specific subclasses being used against melee enemies. That, paired with teamwork, can lead to success.

We'll continue to pass along thoughts from the community to the team. Whether it leads to a change in this activity, or the team applies these learnings to future activity, it is greatly appreciated that many of you have taken the time to give feedback! (Forums)