• If you have Annual Pass, you can get Arbalest back from Collections. If you don't, you have to wait for the fix. (Reddit)
  • Xur not having random rolls is still being investigated. No ETA on fix. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about QoL improvements to EP, Blind Well, Forges, and the Reckoning has been forwarded to the team. (See source) (Reddit)
    • Forges not giving clan XP will be brought up. (Reddit)
  • One more IB this season. (Forums)


  • They were able to identify players who where erroneously awarded duplicated items from the Revelry's Jubilant Engram on the backend. Stay tuned for an in-game message. When they are sending out messages, it may take a day or so for everyone to be notified. If you were impacted by this error and don't receive a message, submit a post to the #Help forum. (Reddit)
  • They've tested the Triumphs in development builds to see if the hidden Triumph issue happens. Triumphs should appear, and players should be able to complete them once the change (regarding Verdant light Competitive) is live. (Reddit)
  • Aiming to talk about Raid Keys in the next TWAB. (Twitter)
  • Invitations don't have an expiration. If you complete [The Tower Invitation] after the patch on Tuesday, and before Thursday next week, I don't believe you would be blocked from the new invitation on Friday. (Twitter)
  • Faction Catalysts will become available in the summer - more details on sources closer to the date. (Forums)