• On jumping puzzles in timed activities:

We totally understand that some players don't like jumping puzzles or timed activities. This experience utilized those mechanics, and many players are reporting that they enjoy it. We will continue to monitor the response. Not all future activities will require jumping puzzles or timed execution. We'll continue to create different content for different moods. Thanks! (Forums)

  • Will let the team know that ammo synths are still heavily desired by the community. Will also give them the feedback on adding a Rally flag in Zero Hour. (Forums)
  • TR3-VR is waiting.

Nine Hydras / Senior World Artist.

On Zero Hour:

  • On the design:

We really wanted to play with expectations of running through the tower content backwards and then I tried to immediately hit players with a big shot of: “Woah, this is uh.. NEW??” right as you turn the corner after the elevator and get out under the Tower’s wing (Twitter)

We had two world artists, one who kicked ass and reprised the original tower areas, did lots of work on the vault, built TR3-VR and his maze. And then myself which I was responsible for the big traversal section right after the underwatch doing the normal and heroic paths, all the helper switches and everything leading up to the TR3-VR maze. And then we had the same designer who worked on Whisper and the same dedicated tester and that was the core team plus audio, lighting, vfx who do their scheduled passes. (Twitter)

I was responsible for the big traversal section after the underwatch and I actually watched The Fugitive right before I started working on it and had this idea of “holy shit we should jump out the back of the Tower” (Twitter) Also I’m a huge Metal Gear nerd so I guess there’s a lot of Shadow Moses going on in this mission. (Twitter)

In the heroic traversal first two rooms I designed the area to specifically encourage players to split up so that one guy could be flipping all the levers like: "WTF do these do?" and someone in the lids room is just watching them go up and down repeatedly [all confused]. (Twitter) And I also made the choice with [mechanics] so you can grief your friends (Twitter)