• You'll be able to launch the new 6 man activity from orbit/director. (Reddit)
  • If there is any new information regarding the nerfs, they will let you know as soon as they can. (Twitter)
  • Will let the team know that there is interest from the community to have a PVP game mode where it's just guns. (Forums)
  • Will let the team know that the community would like to play Scorch again. (Forums)


  • On feedback regarding Blackout in T3 Reckoning, rewards, and more - DMG will make sure the team is aware of the feedback for the post-sandbox tuning world. (Reddit)
  • On why players are forced to track a quest again after finishing a quest step:

Shot a question to the team last night on this topic- we'd been seeing this feedback for some time, and got a bit of info on where it's at on the development floor.

This isn't necessarily a bug where something is outright broken and preventing the tracking feature from working, but some wake from the way in which quests evolved from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2. The UI backend of quests going from step to step has changed between games, so the tracking feature wasn't being applied from step to step. Bounties or Triumphs in particular only have one step to track, so this isn't felt there. Just on Quests.

It'll take a bit of time for the team to create a change that would address the feedback at hand, which is also bring prioritized against other work that the team has on their plate.

That said, the team is looking at this for a future update. With each quest that we add to the game, we understand that the QOL request resurfaces time and time again. This won't be addressed in Season of Opulence, but the plan of record is for this to be touched in an update further out.

We'll give you an update when we have more specific information on a timeframe for the fix. Until then, you'll need to hit the quest page between each step to track it. (Reddit)

Making exotic quests account scoped rather than per character is something the team is looking at. We've gotten feedback of players not wanting to do some things multiple times per character. (Reddit)

  • This week, they're collecting various threads for feedback items to update community priority on their list. Will make sure that things like dropping into competitive games outnumbered and getting penalized is included. (Reddit)