• Info on the buffs and preview of the pinnacle weapons next week. (Reddit) 2
  • They'll talk more about Crucible changes this summer. (Reddit) 2
  • They tried to be transparent about the nerfs last week. (Reddit)
  • The picture shown in the TWAB is a featured list. There will be an additional tab with more items available for Bright Dust. That picture is just the highlighted items for Bright Dust. There is another tab with the rest of the items available for Bright Dust. Majority of items will be available for bright dust, cycling throughout the season on the bright dust storefront. Most items will be available for Bright Dust. Only some items will be Silver only - like with this season. (Reddit 1) (Reddit 2) (DMG, Reddit) (Forums)
    • A small amount of items will be available for direct purchase with Silver only. They will highlight these items via @Bungie when they are live on the storefront. The Best of Year One engram, available in Season of Opulence, will only have Year 1 items from Eververse (DMG, Reddit)
    • They wanted to make sure they were transparent about changes to Eververse. Didn't want the community blindsided by a new interface day one without giving players details on what to expect. (Reddit)
  • You do the Power Surge quest once, you can pick up the armor on any character. (Reddit) The Power Surge bounty is the introduction to the new season. (Deej, Twitter)


  • Last Hand Ornament will be available in Season of Opulence. (Reddit)
  • They'll have more information about Season of Opulence coming as they approach the beginning of the new season. Stay tuned. (Reddit)