• On if using programs such as Xpadder (for accessibility purposes) will get you banned: As long as you're not seeking an unnatural advantage over your opponents or trying to circumvent idle detection, you will be fine. (Reddit)
  • The Menagerie is launched from director. (Twitter)
  • They have plans for the Crucible later this year, but they aren't ready to talk about them yet. They hope to share more info with you this summer. (Twitter)
  • The Bright Engram will be best of Year 1 items. All of the new items will be available for direct purchase for Silver or Bright Dust. (Twitter)
  • Will let the team know players would like to see changes made to how Season of The Drifter weapons are earned to give you more agency on what drops. In this week's TWAB more info will be given on this topic. (Forums)


  • On how Skull of Dire Ahamkara will be in Opulence: From experience in playtests, you'll just need to rely on team mates making orbs a bit more than having an all-in-one super steam roll machine. (Reddit)