• Stay tuned for where to tune in for the Next Chapter Of Destiny 2 stream. (Reddit)
  • They know the improving collections is something the community wants to see happen.There is some technical behind the scenes stuff that goes into this along with UI element. As soon as they have something to share, they will let you know. (Reddit)
  • The Day 1 Raid emblem should be available for 24 hours from the start of the raid.
  • Regarding Revoker: The Glory ranking score will still work the same way, but you won't lose progress towards obtaining the Revoker sniper specifically. (Forums)
    • Pino tells more: You still lose glory from losing matches. The loss in Glory doesn't count against your progress for the new sniper rifle. For instance; If you earn 1000 glory and then lose it all, you still have 1000 glory against your progress for the sniper, but your rank will still be 0. If you're super good, you'll just do a quick run to 3500, and if you struggle, at least you don't lose progress, but it might take a while. (Twitter)
    • DMG tells more: If you're aiming to achieve a specific Glory rank, you will still lose glory if you lose matches. If you're just trying to acquire the new pinnacle sniper, the quest needs a total of 3500 Glory points earned. Losses don't negate your progress. (Reddit)


  • Starting with the June 4 update, you’ll be able to track all of the Catalysts via Triumphs. After you’ve earned an exotic, you’ll now see a new triumph under Account -> Exotic Catalysts. That Triumph will include a description of where it can be found. Sometimes the text will be straightforward, and other times it will be a bit more mysterious. When Destiny 2 Update 2.5.0 goes live, the Sunshot, Graviton Lance, and Sweet Business Catalysts are back on the menu. (Reddit)
    • On why this wasn't in the TWAB: Got the info after we'd already locked the article. We'll probably have a section of next week's TWAB with the full writeup (and pictures), as not everyone reads Reddit. Plus localization. (Reddit)
  • Update 2.5.0 and will be released the same day. There's a small hotfix attached to hit some late breaking issues they found towards the end of development. Ex: They found that Smokebombs for Nightstalkers stopped functioning in 2.5.0. fixes that before players even feel it. (Twitter)
  • The team is still looking into menu load times on console. (Forums)
  • Moving forward, the team is putting much more focus on challenges for titles, rather than RNG rewards. Over the course of development, there were notes on the Season of Opulence title to be aware of feedback over this as well. (Forums)


  • They've talked about tracking multiple triumphs. No news to report but it's on people's minds. (Twitter)
  • Not aware of any changes to vault space. (Twitter)
  • Not every exotic will have a catalyst upon release. (Twitter)