Full stream transcript to come in very near future. Bare Ahamkara bones highlights:

  • "CROSS FUCKING SAVE!!!" - Cozmo
  • Cross Save confirmed. (PC, Xbox, PS4). Destiny 2 will be one of the flagship titles on Google Stadia
    • Your cross saved characters will take up one slot in your Clan across all platforms. They're not planning to up the limit for clans right now. (Twitter)
  • All console exclusives dropped.
  • PC version moving to Steam. All of the content will be transferred.
  • Destiny 2 goes free to play, name changed to Destiny 2: New Light. New players start in the Cosmodrome and play a remastered version of the first D1 mission. Once they land in Tower, they will be 750 Power Level and able to jump into any activity. You'll be able to explore all planets and play the stories of Destiny 2 (Main, Curse of Osiris, Warmind).
    • Tangled Shore, Dreaming City, and the Moon will be fully explorable, but in order to play main activities of said areas (such as Last Wish or Shattered Throne) players will need to buy the related expansions.
  • They'll talk more about PVP this summer, Season 8 is set to bring a renewed focus to it. They are tweaking the playlists. Trials is a thing they want to bring back but it requires some remodeling of the very foundation. Crucible Labs will be updated to include much loved gametypes from the past.
  • Story will be focused on Eris and what she accidentally wrought upon the world. Moon is haunted.
  • Moon's haunted.
  • New finishers, new armor systems, new QoL updates.
  • Shadowkeep will be $35


  • On Scrapper bounties and their demise:

With low completion rates for scrapper bounties, and a limited bounty inventory, the decision was made to remove these.

When first implemented, they created an issue where players would hit a crash if the bounty went to postmaster. Due to this, low completion rates, and general feedback on RNG acquisition of the bounties, design direction for bounties overall is moving towards a deterministic acquisition (picking up from vendors) rather than random drops.

We'll be watching the conversation and completion rates for the Gunsmith bounties, alongside masterwork core acquisition/usage, to see what other tweaks need to be made.

Cheers to all who've been giving the feedback. We'll continue to pass it on, and give status updates when we can. (Reddit)

With Bounties being moved to the Gunsmith, the loss is being offset to a degree. Where players would only have a chance to earn said bounties from sharding legendaries, they can now just pick them up every day at a small cost of glim-glam.

As such, what some players saw as 1 bounty every day or two is now a few bounties daily. (Reddit)

Think of it this way: You're now selecting the bounties you wish to complete rather than having to discard ones you don't care for that are randomly pushed into your inventory.

Player choice. (Reddit)

  • Missed patchnote: You no longer have to match teammates element class for strikes, just match the burns. (Reddit)


  • Feedback about the Pursuits tab has been heard. (Reddit) 2