• Forsaken will be available on Steam same day Shadowkeep goes live - 9/17. If you buy it (or the AP) now to play on your license will still transfer over to Steam. (Twitter)


Fall 2019 Q&A can be found here.

With Cross Save, you're going to pick an account - a set of Guardians to promote, and those are the Guardians you'll get to play on all platforms. Cross Save will be fully supported on Stadia and all other platforms. You will choose one account that will share its progression consistently across all linked accounts on other platforms. (Reddit)

How do I enjoy Cross Save?

You setup Xbox as your "Active Account." This is the set of characters, gear, and progress you want to move forward with. You link your PC account and enable Cross Save on it. You can now play 2 hours of Crucible on PC, switch over to Xbox to do the Nightfall before bed and all this progress will be made on your "Active account" which was your OG Xbox characters. (Reddit)

If an account doesn't have Cross Save active it wont share progress with your active account. (Reddit)

Veteran dialogue?

If the account you make your active Cross Save account has veteran dialog, you'll get the dialog on all platforms you play on.

If the account you make your active Cross Save account does not have veteran dialog, you won't get the dialog on all platforms you play on. (Twitter)

I’ve seen a good number of people (myself included) ask about legacy status if they decide to move forward with a different platform (PC). Will we have any way to push legacy status to that account?

There's no merging between accounts. (Twitter)

Jared adds: No merge. Characters, loot, triumphs, collections are all tied to account. You choose which account you want to be your active Cross Save account and that's the account you play across all platforms. Feedback heard, but no current plans for any merge. (Twitter)

You pick one of your current accounts and make it your active Cross Save account. You can then play that set of characters, loot, triumphs, etc. on any platform. (Twitter)

Is that a merge? Or am I reading the question wrong? I’ve played on Xbox since D1, so if I transfer to PC in the fall does my legacy status come with me?

If you make your Xbox account with legacy status your primary account it will be usable. If you make your PC account primary, your Xbox's legacy status will not transfer. (Twitter)

Ok, so follow up question: If I purchased everything up to now on PC but not on my Xbox and I make Xbox my shared account, would it still be recognized that I own everything as of June 2019 on my PC and allow me to play all that content from my Xbox save on PC? Confusing, I know.

Unfortunately no. Expansion ownership (Forsaken, Shadowkeep) is tied to the platform's store it was purchased on. Players will need to purchase expansions on each platform that they wish to play that expansion content on. (Twitter)

What happens if I take my shiny new Shadowkeep weapons and armor from PC (where I own everything) to Xbox (where I only have New Light). Can I use everything I own without restrictions (missing license/greyed out)?

Cross-Save will preserve all gear, character, and items across all platforms regardless of entitlements. (Twitter)

Weapons won't be disabled (for example, how Wavesplitter currently is). (Reddit)

What if you’re half way into a Shadowkeep quest (let’s say it involves getting 500 kills for a DLC specific weapon), can you progress the quest on a platform where you haven’t bought the DLC?

Great question. I don't know. I'll add that to the list of things to find out. (Twitter)

I take my PC character and then I play on Xbox and I play PVP and working on my Recluse quest. Say I earn 1000 Valor when I go back to PC does my progress come back with me? Part 2 What if I am running daily missions on Xbox, when I go back to PC do I lose progress?

All progress carries over across all platforms once you've selected your primary account. (Twitter)

If I own all expansions on Xbox and cross save to PS4 or PC where I have only the free version, will I still be able to play the free content? Or I can only cross save if both platforms have the same expansions purchased?

Yes, you will be able to access the free Destiny 2 content on alternate platforms. You can even use the gear you earned from the expansions on Xbox when playing on alternate platforms using cross save. (Reddit)

So if I pay for Shadowkeep on PC and earn an exotic weapon tied to that expansion, I can play with that weapon on PS4 even if I don't own the expansion?

Yep! (Twitter)

How about the new Shadowkeep contents? Do I need to buy the expansion for each platforms?

Expansion ownership (Forsaken, Shadowkeep) is tied to the platform's store it was purchased on. Players will need to purchase expansions on each platform that they wish to play that expansion content on. (Twitter)

New Light includes: "Select Annual Pass content" Like does this mean for example gambit prime is in New light?

Yes. (Twitter)

Are Forges, Reckoning, and Menagerie included in New Light?

As we get closer we'll have more details to share. (Twitter)

What about Petra/Spider bounties? Will those be free? Blind Well?

Good Q. I don't know. I'll add it to the list. (Twitter)

And I’m assuming armor/weapons (legendary and exotic) will require Forsaken?

Nope. You can use all gear across all platforms regardless of entitlement ownership. (Twitter)

So, what happens if I have certain weapons and armor pieces on console but I am primarily on PC, can I cross-save with PC and get those weapons and armor pieces?

You have to select one account (PC or console) as your primary account to play across platforms. There's no merging of weapons/armor between accounts. (Twitter)

If I earn shadow keep loot on PC, and then boot up Xbox the next day but dont own the shadow keep entitlement on Xbox, can I then still use that gear on the Xbox platform without the entitlement?

Yep. (Twitter)

Can I join a clan with just one account instead of having to join a clan on each platform? - Are we going to get larger clan sizes?

Your cross saved characters will take up one slot in your Clan across all platforms. We're not planning to up the limit for clans right now. (Twitter)

When does the feature launch?

Exact date will be announced later, but Fall is the target. (Twitter)

Cross play?

Stadia as a platform doesn’t make implementing Cross Play any harder actually. We’re focused on Cross Save this year (for all platforms). Cross Play is absolutely something we’re interested in doing some day, but we have a lot on our plate to chew through first! (Twitter)

Will your lesser Guardians get snapped out of existence with cross save?

There will be a time limit associated with "shelving" and changing your active account for Cross Save. More details soon! (Twitter)


  • Will let the team know that players want Spider to sell Etheric Spiral and Baryon Boughs. (Reddit)
  • Machine gun reserves not showing up is a known issue. It's being looked into. (Reddit)
  • /join and /invite not working is a known issue. Being looked at. (Reddit)


  • Suggestion to make Benedict sell Raid Banners has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • They're working on a fix for the issue where not wiping before the final boss causes the Witch's Blessing switches not work. (Reddit)
  • IB Ornaments will only apply to the Season of Opulence set. DMG will pass along the feedback on the other Year 2 sets. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to earn Y1 IB ornaments again has been passed along. They wanted to make sure players from Year 1 had their efforts honored - but they understand the pain point of those coming in later that wish to earn them. (Reddit)
  • Menagerie Gauntlet bug is under investigation. (Reddit)
  • Allegiance quest bug is under investigation. Couldn't hit it with this hotfix. (Reddit)