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  • Transcript of Shadowkeep reveal stream here.
  • The vision for Destiny is contained in 3 parts: Awesome action MMO, a single evolving world, and play anywhere.
  • When they say MMO, they don't mean subscriptions. It's about improving the RPG aspects and improving social aspects.
  • Nothing is going to change regarding the core action game of Destiny.
    • MMO isn't about some of the baggage that comes with it. They want to add depth to the character sheet. They want to bring back chasing Tier 12's. The future on the long horizon is brighter than just that.
  • Creating bonds between players is important.
  • PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia cross-save.
    • No current plans to merge accounts. (Twitter) You pick one of your current accounts and make it your active Cross Save account. You can then play that set of characters, loot, triumphs, etc. on any platform.  Characters, loot, triumphs, collections are all tied to account. (Twitter) 2
    • Exact date for cross saves will be announced later, but Fall is the target. (Twitter)
  • They have a goal to remove barriers regarding purchasing and getting into the game, such as the game having many different versions or lengthy beginning grinds keeping you from endgame content. New Light serves as a solution to that. They want their future expansions to be simple and a-la-carte.
    • Tailored towards new players, but all players can experience it.
    • Not a remaster of Destiny 1.
    • You'll land in the Tower within 20 minutes and unlock planets as you play.
    • You can play the campaigns of the original story and the stories of the Warmind and Curse of Osiris DLCs, even the raids.
    • With Forsaken and Shadowkeep, you'll be able to explore Tangled Shore, Dreaming City, and the Moon. But in order to play raids, dungeons, story and main content of the areas you need to buy respective DLC packs.
    • You start at 750 Power
    • All platforms, for free.
  • They admit that Annual Pass is not as cool as it could be. Starting Fall, you'll be able to pick and choose what "seasons" you want to buy. If you buy Shadowkeep you get Season 8 for free (if you buy it during s10, you get s10 for free. Or, you can just decide to get s10)
  • Shadowkeep will be a standalone expansion, priced at $35.
    • Everything released in D2 so far is being bundled together and dropped to $40.
  • No more console exclusives.
  • Destiny 2 is moving to Steam. There is going to be info on with more info. Transition is expected to be seamless.
  • Regarding story:
    • Eris isn't evil. Shadowkeep's story will be focused on her and what she accidentally wrought upon the world.
    • They aren't talking about Mara and her entourage.
    • It's about what has changed since you've been to the Moon.
    • D2 moon will be twice as big.
    • Shadowkeep will have similar vignettes to Queen's Court in Forsaken, and similar lore drops.
    • Shadowkeep is the next chapter in broader universe story. People want to feel like what they're doing matters and it's heading somewhere.
  • Regarding Sandbox:
    • It takes time to make balance updates. They have to look at data, it has to be playtested, community feedback must be looked at. It's a hard balance for them to find, as when they're balancing they're not building content.
    • Biggest factor of no separation between PVP and PVE balancing is consistence.
  • They'll go back to the Crucible with Season 8, talks about how they underserved PVP in the last year due to how they primed out the Annual Pass.
  • A challenge with a game this wide is that they can't create content for everything all the time (such as adding PVP maps and new strikes with every expansion).
  • It's hard to balance development so you produce content quickly and have a sustainable team to develop content at the same time.
  • Team feels confident without Activision's help.
  • With the Annual Pass formula, they can release new content all the time so there would be no drought of content.
  • Seeing new Strikes is certainly possible.
  • Google Stadia was a step to realizing the play-it-anywhere step.
  • No impact in creative part of the development. However, some talented engineers are now working with Stadia so there is always a tradeoff.
  • In order to bring back Trials, they have to repair the foundations of PVP.
  • Destiny 3 is far out.
  • Feedback that Dave Samuel made only one explosion sound in the ViDoc was disappointing and that we want to see more of him has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Full video can be viewed here.
  • They want to be the independent spirit that the company has always been, and they want Destiny to adapt to the evolving marketplace.
  • They slipped Destiny twice (the original game and then Destiny 2). The slips weren't due to business reasons, but for purely creative reasons. Activision and Bungie collaborated and chose directions, and sometimes those directions maybe weren't what the core players were interested in. They spent over a year completely taking care of that.
  • They love the idea of being able to put their core Destiny player at the center of all their decisions. Part of this (second) newfound independence is getting to chase that, making Destiny for people who love Destiny.
  • Shortly after Destiny 2 launched, they started thinking about how Destiny could evolve. They had to look at the game design evolutions and how the game industry is changing and how it will look in 10 years. Controlling idea was smashing barriers between friends, and it led them to New Light. (Find out more about New Light here.)
  • Having a system where you need to keep buying and buying and buying is going to diminish your audience over time. They've seen that the audience tails off as the game gets older, and they want their ways for players to constantly return.
  • They witnessed this with the Annual Pass, how if you want to play Season of Opulence content such as the Menagerie you have to pay for a bunch of stuff that you maybe didn't want. They wanted a different way of distributing content that is more player friendly, but also more friendly to inviting people to come play the game.
  • They don't want to fragment people with expansion releases, as players fall behind with that system. It's important to them to have one global community of players. It's great to have more people, they make Destiny better for everyone.
  • They're still working out the details on a couple precise things with Cross Save.
    • You have to buy Shadowkeep on all platforms you want to play Shadowkeep content on.
    • With Cross Save, you're going to pick an account - a set of Guardians to promote, and those are the Guardians you'll get to play on all platforms.
    • They do think that Cross Save and New Light go well together for people.
  • They can tell what people have bought in the past, what they've earned, etc. They're preserving everything regarding your player account, everything is going to transfer to Steam free of charge. Details will be communicated soon.
  • Steam is a huge platform, and they were looking at what would be the best experience for their players. They're not tied to Steam exclusively. It's totally conceivable that someday they'll be on Epic Games Store and other launchers in different regions.
  • For Destiny 2 game engine they haven't looked closely into getting the game on mobile devices. They want to keep making the game awesome for core fans. (Stadia supports playing on your mobile device.)
  • They don't have anything planned regarding porting over Destiny 1 to Destiny 2.
  • The Moon is the beginning of kind of an experiment. It's an opportunity to tell a new story about a place that people loved and what happened to characters not seen since Destiny 1.
    • Read more about porting over Destiny 1 assets to Destiny 2 here.
  • They want Destiny to feel like a place that's evolving, like a real place. They're trying to push on that with the Moon, you're going to go to places in the Moon that you didn't know were there. It's fun to explore a place that's familiar, but actually evolved and really different.
  • They're mostly talking about just the next year of their content.
  • They don't want to tell a story only once a year, the Seasons are an amazing opportunity for them to tell new stories and go to cool new places.
  • In Destiny's history it has felt a little bit like "monster of the week", but with future seasons they want the seasons to do a better job at handing off. Dreaming City in Forsaken launched this loop, this Fall they want to have something in the Shadowkeep game experience that begins Season 8 and something that concludes Season 8 and serves as a launchpad for Season 9.
  • They're upgrading the engine technology every year, it's part of being a live game service. When they think about next gen, they are excited about moving to that platform some day. They believe their architecture already supports ramping things up.
  • There are about 600 people at Bungie. They're primarily working on Destiny. They have a few people in the backyard planting some seeds, but they have a big forest called Destiny that is still growing.
  • They have all sorts of ideas for Destiny that they haven't talked about yet.
  • Their work with Destiny 2 is not done.


  • On Scrapper bounties and their demise:

With low completion rates for scrapper bounties, and a limited bounty inventory, the decision was made to remove these.

When first implemented, they created an issue where players would hit a crash if the bounty went to postmaster. Due to this, low completion rates, and general feedback on RNG acquisition of the bounties, design direction for bounties overall is moving towards a deterministic acquisition (picking up from vendors) rather than random drops.

We'll be watching the conversation and completion rates for the Gunsmith bounties, alongside masterwork core acquisition/usage, to see what other tweaks need to be made.

Cheers to all who've been giving the feedback. We'll continue to pass it on, and give status updates when we can. (Reddit)

With Bounties being moved to the Gunsmith, the loss is being offset to a degree. Where players would only have a chance to earn said bounties from sharding legendaries, they can now just pick them up every day at a small cost of glim-glam.

As such, what some players saw as 1 bounty every day or two is now a few bounties daily. (Reddit)

Think of it this way: You're now selecting the bounties you wish to complete rather than having to discard ones you don't care for that are randomly pushed into your inventory.

Player choice. (Reddit)

  • Missed patchnote: You no longer have to match teammates element class for strikes, just match the burns. (Reddit)
  • Nessus Barge Chests resetting on Sunday is unintended. Chests will follow a SUNDAY reset through a future update. This means at Tuesday reset, you won't have a fresh set of chests to pick up. (Forums)
  • Will follow up to see if a "Postmaster is full!" message would be possible in all activities. (Forums)


  • Feedback about the Pursuits tab has been heard. (Reddit) 2
  • Will let the team know that crystals in Eater of Worlds are broken. (Reddit)
  • The team knows that the community wants to see Titans get some Tuning. (Reddit)
  • Team is aware of the feedback regarding Destiny 2's blinding white title screen. It's a lot more in depth than just changing a texture. They'll let players know if they decide to make a change. (Reddit)
  • Destiny 1 will not be affected by cross saves in any way. (Reddit)