• Will let the team know about the issue where friendly smoke grenades consume your melee energy if you have Khepri's Sting equipped. (Reddit)
  • On Competitive and turning off Wolf Pack/disabling Lord of Wolves:

We care about Comp. But we can't turn [the perk] off for a certain activity or platform so taking it away from everyone until the fix goes out is weighing heavily into our calculus. As Luke said, we will continue to monitor and let you know if anything changes. (Reddit)

We didn't disable the Sentinel Gambit Prime set bonus, we disabled the armor. We can't just target the perk or we would. (Reddit) We changed Wavespltter with a patch. That is different than turning off an item with a server flag. (Reddit)

  • On Cross Save: Cross Save will be free. If you want to play Shadowkeep content on multiple platforms, you will need to purchase it on each platform though. You can use all of your gear on any platform you have linked to your active account with First Light. (Twitter)
    • Expansion ownership (Forsaken, Shadowkeep) is tied to the platform's store it was purchased on. (Twitter)

Veegie (Technical Art Lead)

  • On shaders, and un-shader-able parts on armor and changing that:

As someone that has worked on the gear rendering system for many years, I appreciate the feedback on the subject and have personally seen this given many times — I browse this subreddit daily like many of my coworkers.

I can't say that it is always, but very often these areas are the result of current technical limitations, artist time to handle more time-involved workarounds of said limitations, and concepted designs that continue to push into new territory to give you all exciting new offerings.

There are some fairly challenging technical hurdles to overcome the combinatorial complexity that Gear tends to carry that has made it harder than it may appear to do this. We're tackling *a lot* of things this year as you're all now starting to see, this means that it can be harder to dedicate resources towards things like this until we're safely on the other side of some of these investments.

I don't intend that to come off as an excuse, but rather a transparent explanation — because as my co-worker's love to tell me, "People don't care that games are hard to make." Our job is to get out of your way so you can enjoy spending time slaying gods and fighting the real end game, fashion. We can do better here.

I can't make any promises on when this will be *solved* immediately, but please trust me when I say your feedback isn't falling on deaf ears. I personally, as well as many others, spend much of our weeks trying to devise the best path forward for addressing this type of thing systemically, but without starving other game efforts of resources, asking people to work unreasonable hours, and not implementing short term solutions that will push the problem out a few months.

Destiny is evolving as a live game more than ever before, and we are trying to make sure we don't hurt the foundation of our house in overcoming some of these hurdles. Thanks for listening and please keep giving your feedback, it's so important. (Reddit)