Other things:


  • They have passed along the feedback on buffing Scout rifles to the dev team. (Reddit)
  • The team is investigating the issue where Destiny 2 does not work with the new Ryzen 3000. (Reddit)
  • They'll let the team know that "Exotic Hand Cannon Fatigue" is thing within the community. (Forums)
  • In regards to missions like Bad Juju: They try to create different challenges and moods with some activities rewarding teamwork, while others test your grit even when no one is backing you up. (Reddit)
  • Crucible spawn errors in Competitive are being investigated. (Twitter) 2
  • Free rewards glitch in Tribute Hall is being investigated. (Forums)
  • Has let the team know that Sparrow Horns are something the community would like to see brought to Destiny 2 at some point in the future. (Forums)
  • Feedback that players want to see more interactions with civilians (such as escort missions) has been passed along. (Forums)
  • On Menagerie chest post-patch feedback: "We have got a lot of feedback about the Menagerie chest bug being fixed. I have seen a lot of suggestions on reaching a middle ground that still allows multiple rewards per run. Let me know your thoughts and I will pass them along to the dev team." (Forums)
  • First person to get 100,000 Baryon Boughs on their account gets a Collectors Edition of Shadowkeep. To prove you have completed this feat, reply to [the Reddit] comment with your account name and Cozmo will check it out. (Reddit)
  • A developer accessing Shaxx's inventory in orbit in the ViDoc is "debug shenanigans", will not be in Shadowkeep. (Reddit)
  • Will give the full details on Solstice of Heroes and the armor you will be earning next week. (Reddit)
  • Targeting a fix for the Crucible invisibility bug on the 30th. (Reddit)

Various work arounds:
1. Go to your pursuits tab, check if any bounties were completed and turn them in
2. Go to your shader inventory, kill a shader you don't need
3. Refrain from making comments about people having jobs, inferring they should be fired. This is game development. Bugs happen. This will be fixed.

It doesn't matter where the bug originates: Crucible, UI, network engineering, etc. We are the Destiny team, as a whole, and we will do what we can as fast as we can to address the issue.




  • They are testing some [Cross Save] stuff to make sure it's ready for primetime, you might encounter Guardians in the wild with "Cross Save Enabled". (Reddit)
  • After the fix for the exploit, Bad Juju won't require 18 tributes placed for it to be used. The Catalyst and the Emote will. (Twitter)
  • They fixed part of the Press to Apply problem, but there are still some other issues that affect it. The team is working on a new fix now. They'll give you more details on it soon. (Forums)
  • On more accessibility options, such as auto sprint by default:

Thanks for the feedback. I've been collecting a lot recommendations on how to make Destiny more accessible to players. I know some players have asked for the ability for PC to accept both M&KB and controller inputs at the same time. I'll add your request to have a way to toggle sprint to be on by default as well and pass this to the dev team. (Forums)


  • Give Dylan feedback about Destiny Forums here.
  • Reason why some Triumphs/Pursuits have percentages:

A bit of reason to this madness:

When we do exact numbers, there’s extra work if we have to update them. Lets say you have to get 300 grenade kills, and we decide to lower it to 100. Every localized version of Destiny 2 has to make, test, and verify the change works. Sure, changing a 3 to a 1 doesn’t seem to hard, but when you’re doing dialogue tor the entire game, typos can slip through, and lead to confusion.

With percentages, the change can be made on the backend, communicated via TWAB/tweet, and done. No risk to game text that could have a minor bug introduced, then require a future hotfix to address.

We put exact numbers where we can as often as we can, but sometimes opt for percentages to give room for updates if needed, without having to test in every language. (Reddit)

  • On lack of QoL updates to previous seasons and expansions:

Hey all,

Thanks for the continued feedback on QOL requests from previous seasons and expansions. It helps us to prioritize what players want most, and gives teams an idea of what to schedule for future patches/hotfixes.

To give some context on why QOL is sometimes delayed or not acted upon, I want to call out the Mercury Sparrow bullet in particular. This was something that players were asking about many, many moons ago. It's something that the team actually tried to implement, but it ended up causing some bugs that would crash the game, or impact various activities on Mercury. This jammed up our development timeline, as we essentially lost resources that could have been allocated to testing other content that was being cooked up.

Ultimately, it was decided that the Mercury Sparrow QOL request needed to be reverted and looked at again in the future, as we didn't have enough time to hammer away at the issues brought on by the change. To put another way, each QOL request has a trade off. Do we go back and add sparrows to mercury, or do we spend the same amount of test time on things like the Dreaming City curse cycle? What if a simple QOL request ends up bringing deep rooted bugs that require more time to hammer out? Keep working on that, or hit other items that are easier to implement? Prioritize the emblem, or prioritize the Rocket Launcher? We have eyes on the other weapons as well. A bit more tricky as the backend setup is different than a nightfall drop. (Reddit)

Another example that we worked on during Season of the Drifter - do we add bad luck protection to sleeper nodes, or do we focus on bad luck protection for Raids and Wayfarer objectives first? We'd been getting a lot of feedback on RNG requirements for Seal acquisition, so we needed to figure out which objectives would make players happiest, knowing that we couldn't hit all of them in one fell swoop. Sometimes we have to make these calls knowing that we won't have time to address the items we couldn't hit, so we have to prioritize what to tackle ASAP based not only on community feedback, but our release timelines and people we have available to work on the content.

All that said, we're going to continue collecting feedback from threads like this to ensure community priority is understood. Hope this gave a bit of insight as to how we approach these feedback items!

Cheers! (Reddit)

  • They don't know if they can tune the timers for Reckoning, but can check to see if they have time to further address drop chances for Reckoning weapons. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Tarrabah being too weak has been passed along. (Forums)
  • The team is looking in to Baryon Boughs and how to make them meaningful in the economy. Feedback regarding lack of a tribute has also been passed along. (Forums)
  • Will check with the sandbox team on what their thoughts are for the One Eyed Mask. While their attention is squarely on balancing Shadowkeep and the future of sandbox, DMG will ask if there are plans for future tuning. (Forums)
  • Feedback to have a conga line emote has been passed along. (Forums)
  • The team is working on the problem space of Scout Rifles, and how they don't have a perfect place in the Sandbox. Pulse Rifles have enough range to edge in to the space that Scout Rifles are meant for, and they get feedback frequently on their viability in both PvE and PvP spaces. (Forums)
  • Feedback about bringing more life into Patrol zones (wandering NPCs, dungeons, etc) has been passed along. (Forums)
  • On Faction Rallies:

Hey all, thank you for the continued feedback on this! (I've posted this line a few times today, so go ahead and roast me for the copy pasta...)

We've been getting feedback on the absence of Factions/Faction Rallies since they went on hiatus last year. While I can't make any promises on if or when they'd return, I'd like to ask some questions here to help prioritize the feedback points that we've been collecting.

1. What are the aspects of Factions or Faction Rallies that you liked most?
2. What were features that you did not enjoy?
3. Have there been any other activities in Destiny or Destiny 2 that you thought Factions impacted in a good way? Ex: Lost Sector Grind - some people enjoyed it, while others really did not. (Forums)

  • On Braytech weapons:

Thank you for your continued feedback on this subject. The team made some adjustments to other rewards that are required for the Wayfarer seal. I'll check and see where this is currently sitting in the Quality of Life backlog that we have running, and get you all some information when I can.

I admit, I was lucky enough to get the weapons required, but I fully understand how frustrating it can be waiting for that final weapon to drop. (Forums)


  • No plans around updating the Mountaintop quest (for instance, lowering the amount of double kills required). Will talk to people about it. (Twitter)