• Initial post here.
  • Regarding armor glows in Eververse: You purchase them based on the element. If you purchase the Arc set, you get the Arc Glow on all Classes you earn armor for. (Reddit)
  • These buffs will not be active in Competitive or Gambit Prime, but will be on in all other Crucible modes. (Reddit)
  • You don't have to Masterwork the Solstice sets to pick up the 2.0 versions in Shadowkeep. (Reddit) 2
  • You have to wait until Shadowkeep to see what Armor 2.0 is like. (Reddit) 2
  • During the event, you can create any orbs on any day depending on your loadout. You just need to match that days element to get the buff. (Reddit)
  • You are not losing any Y2 armor sets. (Reddit)
  • They are always looking to improve spawning in the Crucible. With 12 Guardians flying around at high speed it's sometimes tough to decide a safe place to drop you in using math. (Forums)