Shadowkeep delay.

  • New Launch Window article.
  • "Shadowkeep would benefit from a little more time on the workbench, so we're going to take it. Shadowkeep & New Light will launch on 10/1/19. I'm hoping to publish a State of the Game (warning: likely very long, somewhat-to-very nerdy) post next week looking at the last six months of learnings from Destiny 2 and outlining the kind of changes we're making to the game in Shadowkeep and why." Luke Smith, Twitter.
  • Cross Save will become available later this month, and they'll talk more about that next week. (Twitter)
  • The Steam launch occurs alongside Shadowkeep. (Twitter)


  • They have a hard cap on 21 mini bosses in EAZ. Could be a limitation so players don’t hit errors like what happened with the Verdant Forest - but verification is needed. (Twitter)
    • "This will translate to a feedback item that we'll present to the folks that created Solstice. There's always a hunger to push the limit on activities - and it's entirely valid to want to dominate bosses for as long as possible. We didn't note a 21 cap in comms, so that's on us." (Twitter)
  • TWAB later this afternoon. With two additional weeks in Season of Opulence, they want to make sure their live game calendar stays lively. (Twitter)