• The upcoming community challenge will be a fun testing ground, and they'll see how they can grow in the future. Stay tuned for details. (Reddit)
  • On Mountaintop quest adjustments;

We had a lot of conversation internally. It's a tricky situation where you identify a lengthy quest that needs to be tuned down. How do you make changes without disrespecting the time and effort of those who earned the reward?

In this case, and speaking from personal experience, many of those who earned the reward agreed that the requirements were a bit over the top. It may sting, but it's understood. (Reddit)

  • Feedback about launching forges from Director is heard loud and clear. The change is a bit more technical than one would expect - takes UI time, test, and matchmaking work. (Reddit)
  • Solstice of Heroes has retained it's end date of 8/27. Moments of Triumph, however, has been extended. See TWAB for more info. (Twitter)
  • Please do not dismantle the emblems for participating in Prometheus Lens Tag and Lord Of Wolves, as you can't reclaim them from collections. (Twitter) Players should be aware that these emblems will not appear in the Collection until Destiny 2 has been updated at a later date. (Twitter)
  • They'll continue letting the team know that there's a desire for in-game functionality regarding loadouts. (Forums)
  • On adding a feature to remove mods from armor:

Hey all,

The team is aware of this feedback. Specifically, players desire a way to retain mods that have been applied to weapons. One note that we've made sure to highlight is negative feedback surrounding time investment to acquire specific mods, like those tied to Black Armory, and how it isn't a great feeling to lose them when experimenting with other mods.

Thanks to all who have posted threads about it!

When we have more info, we'll let you know.  (Forums)