• Interview about Finishers and Artifacts here.
    • Finishers are another element of combat, that lets you finish off an enemy with a flourish when they're at low health.
    • Different class oriented finishers. Everyone will get all three of those finishers.
    • You can rampage.
    • There are more things you can do with finishers asides from just eliminating the enemies. With Armor 2.0, once you start digging that system more things become possible with finishers. You can use your Artifact to crab mods (they are collectibles now, not consumables). One of the mods for example (once equipped) spawns a heavy ammo brick after using a finisher to kill an enemy, but it takes half of your super. Other mods include mods that recharge your health, mods that let you become invisible, and more.
    • You are not invulnerable when you when you do a finishing move.
    • You can't do finishing moves on really big bosses.
      • Finishing moves and their perks do not work in PVP. Minions of the darkness only! (Twitter)