• No plans for a Solar Week at this time. If they ever do one, you'll hear it from them. (Reddit)
  • For the Community Challenge:
    • They'll be providing daily updates via @Bungie. No in-game tracker. (Reddit) 2 3
    • A reward for completing the community challenge within 24 hours is not in the cards. (Twitter)
    • QOL patch on 9/3. (Twitter)
  • In regards not all Solstice of Heroes items being available for Bright Dust:

We honestly missed it. We’ll add them in Season 9 for bright dust. Right now we’re sprinting for Shadowkeep and don't want to introduce any last minute issues to the bright dust rotation. (Forums)

Jake Lauer.

  • On the Cross Save launch issues;

In vague terms, as the number of users on the site went up, the way we stored user auth verification got less dependable, such that you might lose that verification during the flow. That's why it worked if you went through the process super fast. (Twitter)


  • In regards of Cross Save and clan slots: There is a bug that’s preventing you from leaving clans on inactive accounts. A fix is coming, it will make buttons available to you to free up the roster slot. (Twitter)