• While you won't be able to abandon the Mysterious Box quest at Shadowkeep launch, work is being done for an update later in October. (Reddit)
  • Come Shadowkeep, Enhancement Cores will be dismantled individually, as opposed to entire stacks. (Reddit)

We have quite a bit of time before launch. If any bugs/issues are found, this could change. It's always risky confirming fixes before they ship. That said, I know this story has been posted quite a few times recently, and wanted to give you an update on where we were at. Just make sure your dog doesn't sit on your controller.

(This was an actual help forum report from 2015, where someones character was deleted because of their dog.... or so they said.)

  • No promises about SRL, but the feedback is passed along. (Forums)
  • The team has been hard at work on some Sandbox QOL coming in Shadowkeep. One item in particular is Sunshot and its mag size. More details coming when we're closer to October 1. (Forums)
  • They have changes coming in Shadowkeep to the Competitive playlist which may make the MIDA Catalyst more accessible. Once that's live, they'll continue to monitor this feedback. (Forums)
  • They have protections in place where AFK players should not receive rewards if sitting idle for too long, and will be removed from matches/MM as well. They'll pass this feedback along to see if they can add additional protections, as AFK players negatively impact the experience for everyone else in the lobby. (Forums)