Seasons in Destiny 2's Third Year by Luke Smith can be found here.

  • In addition to what you can earn by playing activities in the game, every Season of Destiny 2, Year 3 will have two tracks for rewards as you rank up. The upper track is free to all players. The lower track is for players who opt in on the Season Pass. (DeeJ, Twitter)


  • Shadowkeep purchase details: (Reddit)
    • When you purchase Shadowkeep, you get the Season Pass for the current season. Ex: If you've pre-ordered Shadowkeep, you'll have the Season Pass for Season of the Undying. If you wish to remain on the paid track for future seasons, they will be available as standalone $10 purchases.
    • If you purchase the Digital Deluxe edition of Shadowkeep, you’ll have a Season Pass for all seasons in Year 3.
    • Purchase of a $10 Season Pass will place you on the paid track for the current season.
    • If you don't purchase Shadowkeep, you can spend $10 for Season of the Undying à la carte and be on the paid track.
  • They are aware of the Iron Banner quest step Headstrong cheese. (Reddit)
  • 3v3 Elimination will be available via Crucible Labs when Shadowkeep launches. They'll have more details on the variations of game mode rules that they'll be testing out in labs in September. (Twitter)
    • There are a few exacts about PVP that they'll be sharing with you closer to launch (which maps will be going on hiatus, glory changes, etc) - but that's not this week. (Twitter)


  • Seasonal Ranks are not gates to any activities. Your progress is account based, unifying all characters. (Twitter)