Seasons in Destiny 2's Third Year by Luke Smith can be found here.

  • In addition to what you can earn by playing activities in the game, every Season of Destiny 2, Year 3 will have two tracks for rewards as you rank up. The upper track is free to all players. The lower track is for players who opt in on the Season Pass. (DeeJ, Twitter)


  • Shadowkeep purchase details: (Reddit)
    • When you purchase Shadowkeep, you get the Season Pass for the current season. Ex: If you've pre-ordered Shadowkeep, you'll have the Season Pass for Season of the Undying. If you wish to remain on the paid track for future seasons, they will be available as standalone $10 purchases.
    • If you purchase the Digital Deluxe edition of Shadowkeep, you’ll have a Season Pass for all seasons in Year 3.
    • Purchase of a $10 Season Pass will place you on the paid track for the current season.
    • If you don't purchase Shadowkeep, you can spend $10 for Season of the Undying à la carte and be on the paid track.
  • They are aware of the Iron Banner quest step Headstrong cheese. (Reddit)
  • 3v3 Elimination will be available via Crucible Labs when Shadowkeep launches. They'll have more details on the variations of game mode rules that they'll be testing out in labs in September. (Twitter)
    • There are a few exacts about PVP that they'll be sharing with you closer to launch (which maps will be going on hiatus, glory changes, etc) - but that's not this week. (Twitter)


  • Seasonal Ranks are not gates to any activities. Your progress is account based, unifying all characters. (Twitter)

Stream Highlights:

  • A development environment build was used.
  • Glimmer Cap raised to 250k.
  • Your Ghost and Sparrow will appear next to your character in Inventory Screen.
  • There will be a Bonus system: "Power grows as you gain XP and is applied to all Guardians on your account. It resets with each new Seasonal Artifact." 55,000 EXP.
  • Solstice Armor will become 2.0 with Shadowkeep's release. Gunsmith will have an upgrade package for you.
  • Exotic Armor Collections will have Armor 2.0
  • All Legendary armors will drop as Armor 2.0
    • If you can still earn the legendary armor, you can get it as 2.0. (Reddit)
    • Y1 Vanguard and Crucible armor will be available in Shadowkeep, and their respective ornaments will be supported. (Twitter)
    • Faction Gear won't be available. Armors that have acquisition sources will be available at Shadowkeep launch, so that covers your Raids, Destinations, Activities, etc. (Twitter)
  • No loadouts.
  • On armor 2.0:
    • New Materials: Enhanced Prisms and Ascendant Shards. Enhancement Cores stay, and there will be multiple new different sources for materials such as Enhancement Cores. Cores, Prisms and Shards are part of the upgrade process, they will allow you to socket more mods.
    • Elemental mods.
    • Each Armor has up to 10 Energy. Mods require different amounts of energy, up to 6.
      • Mods are unlocked forever (to allow experimentation)
      • Mods will be found at Gunsmith, from Gunsmith Packages, world engrams, Pinnacle Sources (such as Iron Banner engrams and Raids)
      • If a mod doesn't stack, it won't let you equip the mods. The system won't let you waste time.
      • Old mods will not be deprecated
    • Stats are 0 - 100 (1 - 10 previously). Every 10 is 1 tier. No stats on class items (?)
    • Randomized perks are gone, replaced with armor energy and armor mods.
    • Intellect (Super Regen), Discipline (Grenade Regen), and Strength (Melee Regen) are back.
    • Highlight one clip here, highlight two clip here.
  • Bottom tree Nightstalker will be viable now.
  • Weapons of Light is back.
  • No loadouts.
  • You'll get an indicator on your HUD when you generate ammo with perks. Ammo packs on ground generated by perks will glow.
    • Ammo finders will be more specific.


  • Interview about Finishers and Artifacts here.
    • Finishers are another element of combat, that lets you finish off an enemy with a flourish when they're at low health.
    • Different class oriented finishers. Everyone will get all three of those finishers.
    • You can rampage.
    • There are more things you can do with finishers asides from just eliminating the enemies. With Armor 2.0, once you start digging that system more things become possible with finishers. You can use your Artifact to crab mods (they are collectibles now, not consumables). One of the mods for example (once equipped) spawns a heavy ammo brick after using a finisher to kill an enemy, but it takes half of your super. Other mods include mods that recharge your health, mods that let you become invisible, and more.
    • You are not invulnerable when you when you do a finishing move.
    • You can't do finishing moves on really big bosses.
      • Finishing moves and their perks do not work in PVP. Minions of the darkness only! (Twitter)



  • While you won't be able to abandon the Mysterious Box quest at Shadowkeep launch, work is being done for an update later in October. (Reddit)
  • Come Shadowkeep, Enhancement Cores will be dismantled individually, as opposed to entire stacks. (Reddit)
  • We have quite a bit of time before launch. If any bugs/issues are found, this could change. It's always risky confirming fixes before they ship. That said, I know this story has been posted quite a few times recently, and wanted to give you an update on where we were at. Just make sure your dog doesn't sit on your controller.

    (This was an actual help forum report from 2015, where someones character was deleted because of their dog.... or so they said.)

  • No promises about SRL, but the feedback is passed along. (Forums)
  • The team has been hard at work on some Sandbox QOL coming in Shadowkeep. One item in particular is Sunshot and its mag size. More details coming when we're closer to October 1. (Forums)
  • They have changes coming in Shadowkeep to the Competitive playlist which may make the MIDA Catalyst more accessible. Once that's live, they'll continue to monitor this feedback. (Forums)
  • They have protections in place where AFK players should not receive rewards if sitting idle for too long, and will be removed from matches/MM as well. They'll pass this feedback along to see if they can add additional protections, as AFK players negatively impact the experience for everyone else in the lobby. (Forums)
  • No plans for a Solar Week at this time. If they ever do one, you'll hear it from them. (Reddit)
  • For the Community Challenge:
    • They'll be providing daily updates via @Bungie. No in-game tracker. (Reddit) 2 3
    • A reward for completing the community challenge within 24 hours is not in the cards. (Twitter)
    • QOL patch on 9/3. (Twitter)
  • In regards not all Solstice of Heroes items being available for Bright Dust:

We honestly missed it. We’ll add them in Season 9 for bright dust. Right now we’re sprinting for Shadowkeep and don't want to introduce any last minute issues to the bright dust rotation. (Forums)

Jake Lauer.

  • On the Cross Save launch issues;

In vague terms, as the number of users on the site went up, the way we stored user auth verification got less dependable, such that you might lose that verification during the flow. That's why it worked if you went through the process super fast. (Twitter)


  • In regards of Cross Save and clan slots: There is a bug that’s preventing you from leaving clans on inactive accounts. A fix is coming, it will make buttons available to you to free up the roster slot. (Twitter)