As they continue to increase with each match played, we couldn't give a single number to represent.

What I can say: You should get a drop in Prime/T2 Reckoning by your fourth match completion. You should get a drop in T3 by your second successful completion.

Also, Happy Mars Challenge Week! (Reddit)

  • On Braytech weapons and random rolls:

Takes a lot more time/testing to add random rolls to weapons than what we had time for when developing this patch.

This was a bit of a sprint to get together, as we wanted a fun hotfix during the final month leading up to Shadowkeep (with the extra two weeks due to delay). Random rolls were out of scope, while changes to drop rates could be done, and more importantly, tested appropriately.

Will there be random rolls added to these weapons (or EP, for that matter?) - I can't make any promises. Can say the feedback is heard, and thank you for continuing to let us know what you'd like to see in D2. (Reddit)