• Year 1 Iron Banner Ornaments from Seasons 2 and 3 can be applied to the new set. Armor sets from Years 1 and 2 will not be ornamented. (Reddit)
  • They will have Bungie Bounties on all plats throughout Year 3. (Twitter)
  • 6v6 Control has Skill Match, where 6v6 Classic Mix is Connection Match. Wanted to give options, as they know Skill matching can be a hot topic in the community. (Twitter)
  • Specific quote from the TWAB: "While they’re out of rotation, if time allows we also hope to improve how they play by tweaking spawn areas, ammo spawns, and overall structure so they return better than before."

Re: Dead Cliffs - Think of all the people you've spawn trapped. It's a strat play, too - but shutting out a team for an entire match with no (or very slim) avenue to come back needs some tuning. This is the first round of maps being taken out of rotation - they'll return eventually, and we'll look at other maps to tune as well. (Twitter)