• Goal for the Pinnacle weapon quest was for them to be reachable. Not everyone is good at PvP or Grenade Launchers for that matter, so it'll still be a challenge to earn. (Reddit)
  • No nerfs for Grenade Launchers in Shadowkeep. (Reddit) 2
  • The Gjallarhorn pin is just a pin to celebrate one of the most iconic weapons ever. (Reddit)
  • Team is continuously looking at ways to improve the load times. It can be tricky, as they don't want to introduce memory bugs that could lead to longer load times or crashes. (Forums)
  • Spoilers for Raid armor for the Garden of Salvation raid.
  • "But what are the exact numbers for increased reckoning rewards, DMG?"

As they continue to increase with each match played, we couldn't give a single number to represent.

What I can say: You should get a drop in Prime/T2 Reckoning by your fourth match completion. You should get a drop in T3 by your second successful completion.

Also, Happy Mars Challenge Week! (Reddit)

  • On Braytech weapons and random rolls:

Takes a lot more time/testing to add random rolls to weapons than what we had time for when developing this patch.

This was a bit of a sprint to get together, as we wanted a fun hotfix during the final month leading up to Shadowkeep (with the extra two weeks due to delay). Random rolls were out of scope, while changes to drop rates could be done, and more importantly, tested appropriately.

Will there be random rolls added to these weapons (or EP, for that matter?) - I can't make any promises. Can say the feedback is heard, and thank you for continuing to let us know what you'd like to see in D2. (Reddit)

  • Feedback about grind incentives for a Community Event has been seen. (Twitter)
  • On Community Challenge:

Thank you to all that are giving feedback on our first Community Challenge. Really cool to see the engagement, whether it's from the recent update to your progress or simply landing on Mars and watching Guardians chucking super after super at EP bosses

This was indeed a test run - something we brainstormed to fill a week with Shadowkeep on a short delay. Paired with the QoL update, this is turning out to be pretty fun! We're tracking feedback on Trackers, Rewards, and Objectives. Keep it coming. (Twitter)

  • Year 1 Iron Banner Ornaments from Seasons 2 and 3 can be applied to the new set. Armor sets from Years 1 and 2 will not be ornamented. (Reddit)
  • They will have Bungie Bounties on all plats throughout Year 3. (Twitter)
  • 6v6 Control has Skill Match, where 6v6 Classic Mix is Connection Match. Wanted to give options, as they know Skill matching can be a hot topic in the community. (Twitter)
  • Specific quote from the TWAB: "While they’re out of rotation, if time allows we also hope to improve how they play by tweaking spawn areas, ammo spawns, and overall structure so they return better than before."

Re: Dead Cliffs - Think of all the people you've spawn trapped. It's a strat play, too - but shutting out a team for an entire match with no (or very slim) avenue to come back needs some tuning. This is the first round of maps being taken out of rotation - they'll return eventually, and we'll look at other maps to tune as well. (Twitter)


  • They now have the ability to do double/triple rewards with Menagerie. (Reddit)
  • All of the weapon buff numbers you see listed in the TWAB against minor enemies will counteract the global nerf to enemy damage. (Reddit)


  • On Raid Revive system:

When D2 launched you had a short window to pick someone up or you wiped. This virtually eliminated "Hero moments" because you quickly failed if you didn't pick someone up, so once you were out of Tokens and had Guardians down your fate was sealed. One of the main goals of that system was to encourage teams to revive their teammates because it feels bad to sit around in the dead box not contributing.

We got a lot of feedback about this and made a change to the 2:30 pool of time. As long as you are diligent about reviving your allies you should have a decent amount of time in the end for the remnants of your fireteam to beat the encounter in spectacular fashion. That's some of the thinking behind the current system anyway. I'll pass along your feedback to the team about possibly adjusting this further in the future. (Forums)

  • On a character editor:

We know there are a lot of players who would like to change out what your character looks like without having to delete them and make a new one. We'll let the team know that this continues to be a feature players want to see added sometime in the future. Thanks for the feedback. (Forums)


  • On the community emblem:


Apologies for the delay. Had a snag last week, and we're getting things together to grant to all qualifying players. Once we know exacts, we'll let you know.

Inb4DeeJ or Cozmo yell at me for working while out sick. (Forums)


  • On "Forsaken broke a lot of bones" statement:

I wouldn't say that "breaking bones" is a negative thing. It's more a reference to making deep changes to the game that affect a lot of things and usually requires a lot of work under the hood. Adjusting the weapon slots in Forsaken was "breaking bones" of loadout creation, but I think...hope most players would agree it was a positive change. (Reddit)

  • The team is aware of the feedback on boss stomps. Nothing to confirm today, but it's not being ignored. (Reddit)
  • Has let the team know that players would like Warlock melee speed to be increased to match the other classes. (Reddit)


  • Free -  (Everything Year 1) + (Year 2 except Raids, Dungeons, Exotic Quests, and Campaign.) (Twitter)
    • Year 2 includes Forges, Reckoning, Gambit Prime, and Menagerie. (Twitter) 2
    • New Light includes OG campaigns. (Twitter)
    • With New Light you DON'T get: Shadowkeep & Season Passes, Forsaken Raids, Shattered Throne, Y2 Annual Pass Exotic Quests, Forsaken Campaign. (Twitter)
      • The only Forsaken exotics New Light players won't get are the ones you receive in Shadowkeep & Season Passes, Forsaken Raids, Shattered Throne, Y2 Annual Pass Exotic Quests, Forsaken Campaign. (Twitter)
  • Forsaken - Everything Year 1 + Year 2. (Twitter)
  • Shadowkeep - Everything Shadowkeep + Current season. (Twitter)
    • "Current Season" means you get a Season Pass for whatever season you purchase Shadowkeep in (Twitter)
  • Shadowkeep Digital Deluxe - Everything Year 3. (Twitter)
    •  Digital Deluxe: You'll save $5 because the first season is "free" with any purchase of Shadowkeep. (Twitter)