• This week's Crucible Labs: Elimination has an issue where Heavy Ammo is spawning at the beginning of each round instead of 90 seconds. We've implemented a fix to this issue. (Twitter)
  • There will be different settings for Elimination each week so they can get feedback from players on what settings they like and what they don't. (Forums)


  • Feedback about New Light's implementation has been heard. "It's definitely something we knew was going to be an issue as the amount of content can be pretty overwhelming. We created some questlines to introduce different content as players become more comfortable. I'll pass along feedback that we could continue to improve this system. In the meantime we did write up a new player guide you can send to your friends to help them out. Thanks!" (Reddit)
  • Will let the team know that for some players masterworked Play Of The Game has had its masterwork changed and reset to 0. (Reddit)
  • Will forward the feedback that players want Banshee to offer unlimited bounties, like with other Tower vendors. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Upgrade Modules is welcomed. Upgrade Modules are not limited by week. You will have 2 you can get from gunsmith weeklies, and you can get more from the season pass as well as purchase them from gunsmith for different materials. They also cost a little less to use than infusing previously did. (Reddit) 2 3
    • They saw a lot of players give feedback that the gunsmith bounties that granted Enhancement Cores was a positive addition, and will continue to pass the feedback along. (Reddit)
    • The overall cost of infusion with the new Upgrade Modules still uses the same currencies. Glimmer + Planetary Mat + Enhancement Core but the total cost is slightly less than before. Masterworking Armor 2.0 is what utilizes the new currencies. (Forums) 2
  • Issue where too many friends on Steam causes the game to crash is being investigated. (Twitter)
  • When the Contest modifier is on, power beyond certain levels will provide no additional advantage for a given fight (e.g., for the first fight, Power above 890 doesn’t provide an advantage, and for the final fight, Power above 920 doesn’t provide an advantage). (Twitter)
  • Feedback regarding the Rampage nerf to Breakneck has been forwarded to the team. (Forums)
  • Will pass along feedback that players would like to see all armor made into Universal Ornaments. (Forums)
  • Team is aware of feedback regarding blinding white start up screen. (Forums)