• Regarding Eververse:

Regarding [this], there's a lot to unpack here that I'll be speaking to the team with. Rotations, timed exclusives, Bright dust v Silver, all the good stuff. Cozmo and I have syncs with the team, and we'll make sure to talk through a lot of the content in this post.

Doesn't mean we'll have immediate answers in a future TWAB or full on breakdowns, but I can promise you that we're listening, and we'll make sure the team is aware of the thoughts here.

Regarding the Festival of the Lost thumbnails - those aren't right, at all. It's a good example of how datamining can bring up false information. We'll have a Festival of the Lost preview coming next week, and we'll show off the sets. (Reddit)

Cozmo: Some stuff is autogenerated when it's not actually visible yet and still waiting on additional content to be finished in a future update. (Reddit)

  • Feedback that Xur's fated engram should guarantee an armor piece has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Feedback comment about Javelin and Midtown can be found here.
  • Feedback that resetting max rank should give a pinnacle weapon has been passed along. (Reddit)


  • Daily challenges are still a thing. They won’t appear until you reach 900. We didn’t want you accidentally completing them and missing out in powerful rewards while still under the soft cap. (Twitter)
  • A fix is being worked on for issues with Ordeal and powerful rewards. (Forums)
  • On Rank 92 reward:

I'll let the team know that the reward wasn't compelling. This was the first season to roll out the rank rewards so please give us feedback on what you like and what you think can be improved. It is nice that the grant is manual so if you are maxed on something at the time, you can wait until later and claim it when you need it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! (Forums)