• Feedback about New Light's implementation has been heard. "It's definitely something we knew was going to be an issue as the amount of content can be pretty overwhelming. We created some questlines to introduce different content as players become more comfortable. I'll pass along feedback that we could continue to improve this system. In the meantime we did write up a new player guide you can send to your friends to help them out. Thanks!" (Reddit)
  • Will let the team know that for some players masterworked Play Of The Game has had its masterwork changed and reset to 0. (Reddit)
  • Will forward the feedback that players want Banshee to offer unlimited bounties, like with other Tower vendors. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Upgrade Modules is welcomed. Upgrade Modules are not limited by week. You will have 2 you can get from gunsmith weeklies, and you can get more from the season pass as well as purchase them from gunsmith for different materials. They also cost a little less to use than infusing previously did. (Reddit) 2 3
    • They saw a lot of players give feedback that the gunsmith bounties that granted Enhancement Cores was a positive addition, and will continue to pass the feedback along. (Reddit)
    • The overall cost of infusion with the new Upgrade Modules still uses the same currencies. Glimmer + Planetary Mat + Enhancement Core but the total cost is slightly less than before. Masterworking Armor 2.0 is what utilizes the new currencies. (Forums) 2
  • When the Contest modifier is on, power beyond certain levels will provide no additional advantage for a given fight (e.g., for the first fight, Power above 890 doesn’t provide an advantage, and for the final fight, Power above 920 doesn’t provide an advantage). (Twitter)
  • Feedback regarding the Rampage nerf to Breakneck has been forwarded to the team. (Forums)
  • Will pass along feedback that players would like to see all armor made into Universal Ornaments. (Forums)
  • Team is aware of feedback regarding blinding white start up screen. (Forums)
  • Will let the team know players would like to have the Solstice armor become Universal Ornaments. (Reddit)
  • Pulling old ornaments (Iron Banner, Crucible, and Vanguard) from Collections to make them universal is a bug and will be fixed in a future update. Cozmo will let the team know that this is something the community would like to see stay. (Reddit)
    • Previous Iron Banner Ornaments from Seasons 2 and 3 can be applied to the new Iron Banner set. (Reddit). Old Vanguard and Crucible ornaments can be applied to Armor 2.0 Y1 Vanguard and Crucible armors. (Twitter)
  • [Cozmo believes that] Finishers give Damage Resistance, but not invulnerability. Player guide has been fixed accordingly. (Reddit)
  • Has passed along feedback to the team about too much heavy in Crucible. Also let them know that Comp(3v3 Survival) in particular is where heavy is most disliked. (Reddit) 2 3
  • Will let the team know about the issues with clan and roster pages. (Reddit)
  • SBMM is on in Comp. (Twitter)
  • Daily challenges are still a thing. They won’t appear until you reach 900. We didn’t want you accidentally completing them and missing out in powerful rewards while still under the soft cap. (Twitter)
  • A fix is being worked on for issues with Ordeal and powerful rewards. (Forums)
  • On Rank 92 reward:
  • I'll let the team know that the reward wasn't compelling. This was the first season to roll out the rank rewards so please give us feedback on what you like and what you think can be improved. It is nice that the grant is manual so if you are maxed on something at the time, you can wait until later and claim it when you need it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! (Forums)


  • Xur only offering collection rolls is a known issue which is being investigated. (Reddit)
  • No Thundercrash buff in 2.6.1, but team is aware of the feedback. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to allow players to re-roll elemental affinity with materials has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Will make sure issues with Armor 1.0 ruined stats are being investigated. (Reddit)
  • They've been trying to share insight into "why" some design decisions were made - not tell anyone they were wrong for not liking something. (Reddit)
  • On lack of matchmaking in 950 Nightfalls: "Matchmaking is not enabled for activities that require a lot of coordination - including both loadouts and just general teamwork. I'll definitely pass along any feedback that you have on making the higher level Nightfalls have matchmaking though." (Forums)
  • Will let the team know that some players would like to see a range nerf for shotguns. (Forums)
  • Will let the team know that players would like to have all of the forges selectable. (Forums)
  • Will pass along the feedback that you would like to see Faction Rally gear return as Universal Ornaments. (Forums)
  • CMs have been collecting feedback on the pinnacle power progression and giving it to the team. They are currently looking into improving this system. (Reddit)
  • Will let the team know that making all exotic quests bound to account rather than character is a desired change. (Reddit)
  • All of the new Festival of the Lost Eververse items will be available for Bright Dust at some point during the event. Some of the older items from last year are Silver only. (Reddit)
    •  The sparrow is not the same broom from D1 and will be available for both Silver and Bright Dust at some point during the event (Reddit). 3
    • There is not an event Engram. (Forums)
  • The team is aware of issues with pinnacle power gains and currently looking into improving the pinnacle power progression experience. (Forums)
  • Feedback to make the Valor/Gambit rank up banners less intrusive has been forwarded to the team. (Forums)
  • You need to win again to get the new MOTW emblem. (Reddit)
  • You have to get the Undying title before the season ends. (Reddit)
  • In Momentum Control you can blast down people using heavy with your main weapons much easier. (Reddit)


  • Regarding Eververse:

Regarding [this], there's a lot to unpack here that I'll be speaking to the team with. Rotations, timed exclusives, Bright dust v Silver, all the good stuff. Cozmo and I have syncs with the team, and we'll make sure to talk through a lot of the content in this post.

Doesn't mean we'll have immediate answers in a future TWAB or full on breakdowns, but I can promise you that we're listening, and we'll make sure the team is aware of the thoughts here.

Regarding the Festival of the Lost thumbnails - those aren't right, at all. It's a good example of how datamining can bring up false information. We'll have a Festival of the Lost preview coming next week, and we'll show off the sets. (Reddit)

Cozmo: Some stuff is autogenerated when it's not actually visible yet and still waiting on additional content to be finished in a future update. (Reddit)

  • Feedback that Xur's fated engram should guarantee an armor piece has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Feedback comment about Javelin and Midtown can be found here.
  • Feedback that resetting max rank should give a pinnacle weapon has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • On moving Gambit Synths into the Mote Synthesizer:
  • Hey all,

    Thanks for the feedback. I can say right now that this would be a somewhat intensive task, which more than likely couldn't happen for some time. Even with that said, we can add it to the feedback list for Gambit, Prime, and Reckoning.

    To give a little context, this is more than just moving an item from one inventory slot to another (which in itself can introduce a variety of bugs and issues). These items are consumables not only for the Synthesizer, but they can be used as one offs to give an amount of stats for your chosen role. This added complexity makes this feedback item a bit more difficult to consider, as it adds additional development, test, UI time that is being applied to future content.

    Another way to say it, we wouldn't want to end up in a scenario where you lost some functionality, lost your stacks of items, or introduced a bug where the synthesizer didn't work at all. There's an unending list of risk that comes with touching old content, and while we understand the pressure on your inventory can be frustrating, it could be more damaging to attempt the change without proper planning or time.

    I don't personally work on the code or create this content, but I wanted to give a fairly general explanation as to why this is more difficult than it would appear to be on paper. (Reddit)

  • Will pass along feedback that some timers for consumables feel fairly long. Some timers are in place to prevent people from sitting on their controller and consuming multiple items unintentionally. (Reddit)
  • Raid ornaments being not equipable on new Armor 2.0 variants are a bug. (Reddit)
  • The team is aware of the chatter on drop rates for season pass weapons. [DMG] can't project a solution at this time, but they're looking at potential changes before the end of the season so you all can hunt some rolls on these weapons. If a change doesn't come due to an issue in development or unforeseen circumstance, the learnings from this season will be applied to the next. (Reddit)

  • Feedback about desire for weekly featured raids has been passed along. (Reddit)

  • On 2.0 Solstice armor and its poor stats:
  • Hey all,

    Prior to Shadowkeep, we had conversations of how to respect the time players put in to earning these sets. As we were nearing the end of development for the release, we didn't have a lot of time to play with when it came to implementing a means to acquire the armor, and test it to ensure there we no issues.

    There was no goal to give the armor poor stats, but we did have conversation that it wouldn't be appropriate to give players extremely high or max stat armor pieces out the gate. It would reduce motivation for players to earn new pieces or engage with challenging content in search of their desired rolls. The goal was to give middle of the road stats, which players could toy with to learn the new Armor 2.0 system. This gave opportunity for players to improve stats via masterworking and stat mods as they played the early-endgame... so to speak. We also wanted to ensure players could throw on the ornaments of previously obtained versions of the gear, if they completed the full set before Solstice was over. This pushed me personally to grind out the event so I could have my busted up pieces in the new world of Armor 2.0.

    That said, I'll make sure the following feedback items are heard. I can't promise any changes as we'll have to prioritize this with other seasonal development and QOL changes, but thank you for letting us know your thoughts.

    • Players would like to see Solstice gear as Universal Ornaments
    • Players would like a means of grinding/acquiring random rolls for these sets, to earn higher stats or different affinities (Reddit)