• Game security team is aware of the cheating reports and investigating. (Reddit)
  • The Glimmer drops are not the underlying cause of performance issues in the Garden of Salvation raid. They are investigating that issue and will let you know as soon as they have more info. (Reddit)
  • Season Rank buying going live was an unintended consequence of the update [yesterday[. They are still committed to the plan for purchasing Season Ranks later in the seasons we communicated previously. These purchases have been disabled with a server side fix. (Reddit) 2
  • The lore was added for the raid weapons but there is a bug where it won't show up in-game. They are currently investigating. (Reddit)
  • The issue where the Izanagi's quest doesn't recognize that you have an Obsidian Crystal is being looked into. (Twitter)
  • Will let the team know that some players feel that Masterworking is too expensive. (Forums)


  • Hoping to have more info on Telesto this week. (Reddit)