• The fact that Xenophage does not do precision damage is not a bug and by design. However, the weapon is unintentionally underperforming and they are currently investigating. (Reddit) 2 3
  • Feedback that Season Pass should give you a discount on all Eververse content has been passed along. (Reddit) 2 3 4
  • Cozmo recommends not using Obsidian Crystals or Forge keys until they can put out an additional fix for Izanagi's burden quest. (Forums) They'll let you know when they have more info on when the fix will arrive. (Reddit)


  • Team is aware of request to remove one per week restriction on Escalation Protocol armors. Can't give a timeline, but they've got people eager to tackle the feedback. (Reddit)


  • Unintentional character deaths while transitioning between areas in the Pit of heresy dungeon are being investigated. (Twitter)
  • Issue in Momentum Control where Titans using the Sunbreaker subclass are unable to throw multiple hammers during their Super is being investigated. (Twitter)