• Will let the team know so they can consider changing up the stat rolls on pinnacle armor in the future. (Reddit)
  • On scaling Glimmer cost on the Artifact for each time you reset it:

I believe the goal here was to make you feel like you were spec'ing out a build rather than just changing out settings with no weight towards the choices. At the same time, we also wanted to let you try out some of the other choices and not feel stuck with your first decision.

I'll definitely let the team know that the scaling glimmer costs seem too prohibitive and that new mods showing up as "new" each time you reset is annoying. (Reddit)

  • Lags and framedrops in inventory screen when applying mods or opening engrams are being tracked and investigated. (Reddit)
  • Lengthy black screens while loading into the Crucible are being investigated. (Reddit) 2
  • Lunar Memoriam Emblem acquisition is being tracked. (Reddit)
  • Will let the team know that players would like to see the Perfect Paradox to be updated (aka Khovostov'd). (Reddit)
  • On Eververse feedback:

We're actively passing all of the feedback on Eververse, FOTL, Bright Dust, etc to the dev team. [...] We are meeting with the team regularly to go over your suggestions on what can be improved. We'll share more details as soon as we can. (Reddit)

  • Triumph for soloing The Pit when you don't complete it in one go not unlocking is being looked at. (Twitter)
  • They are keeping an eye on feedback regarding Momentum Control and will consider keeping it in the rotation in the future. (Forums)


  • Team is aware that the bounty "Arsenal of Tricks" is disproportionate to the other IB bounties. A change for the future is being looked at. Won't ship this season. (Reddit)
  • Crucible Labs Elimination feedback threads can be found here.


  • Bug where the D2 companion app tells you to get final blows with ATMs and toilets will get fixed soonish. (Reddit)