• On Eververse and claims that rewards were cut from activities to be put in Eververse:

I want say clearly, we did not take these rewards from activities and move them to Eververse.

To give a bit of context, there were goals to make the entire season/Shadowkeep launch feel unified by having items in the Eververse be Vex/Scarlet Keep themed. We have been looking at the feedback and understand how this led to the perception that the rewards were taken from activities, rather than created specifically for purchase.

There will always be a drive in development to have Eververse items feel tied to the Destiny universe, but we can be much better at ensuring they don't feel too thematically tied to activities/gameplay rewards. (Reddit)

  • On Nightfall rewards and exclusive loot:

In Year 1, we had a bit of feedback that Nightfalls didn't feel rewarding enough, thus Uniques/Emblems/Scoring were brought into the fold. Feedback was given that the weapons were great, but the cosmetic rewards (ghosts, sparrows, ships) weren't as desirable. Forsaken added a few weapons w/ random rolls that helped to address this.

Moving into Shadowkeep, Nightfalls became a repeatable grind to earn Masterwork materials, and Exotics w/ random rolls. Do you feel that this isn't as rewarding as a a single weapon?

Thanks a ton. (Reddit)

Why not both?

Time, resources, etc.

Create a weapon for a NF which is becoming a masterwork/exotic grind, or create a unique weapon for the Raid?

There isn't always a 1:1 comparison, but it's something to help frame the scenario. We don't have the ability to create unique weapons for every single activity in the game each release, so there has to be prioritization while factoring in every reward available per activity. (Reddit)

  • Give your feedback about Vostok here.
  • Team has been looking into giving ability to see active seasonal bonuses in Season Pass. (Reddit)
  • Will do a followup with the team on missing mods. (Reddit)
  • They'll be watching how the +2 changes impact the power chase over remainder of the season. Feedback has been sent over that exotic drops can sometimes feel underwhelming due to the lack of pinnacle power. (Forums)

We're currently monitoring responses to the +2 change to pinnacle drops. If we were to make all prime engrams pinnacle level, I feel feedback would quickly turn into pinnacles feeling meaningless. Players would get through the 950-960 level track pretty fast.

That said, I'll make sure we get feedback to the team over prime engrams losing value when you hit 950.  (Forums)

  • Team is aware of feedback surrounding ability kills bounty in Iron Banner, and they're looking to update the bounty requirements for next season. (Forums)
  • They're currently giving feedback to the team over Eververse and the lack of vendor refreshes. Once they have information, we'll let you know. (Forums)
  • On Map voting:

Hey all,

I'll get this onto the list of Crucible feedback. This has been requested by players frequently. I do not know when this could be prioritized, as it could require some intensive work on the back end to implement.

When you say "how bad maps are," what is the feedback here? Do you dislike specific maps, or are you getting similar maps too many times in a row?

The team has started pulling maps out of rotation on a seasonal basis to address some bugs, issues, and feedback. Please let me know what your feelings are on the current maps so we can give the team a sense of priority on what needs to be looked at next!  (Forums)


  • Feedback about various factors of the Artifact (see source) have been passed along. (Reddit)
  • They are tracking a performance issue related to opening Nostalgic Engrams. (Reddit)
  • On Trials and Faction Rallies:

We don't have any new info for you on either of these topics. The team is aware of the feedback for Trials to return and for either Factions to return permanently like in D1, some form of Factions Rallies to return, or for Faction gear to return. At least that is the feedback I have been seeing. Let me know if you have any different suggestions.

We'll let you know if we have anything new to share in the future. (Reddit)

  • Black screens before a Crucible match are being investigated. (Reddit) 2
  • Issue where Multikills don't count in Survival is being looked at. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about buffing both Desperado and Breakneck has been passed along to the dev team. (Forums)
  • Give Cozmo feedback about the Recluse here.
  • On "Postmaster is Full!" warnings anywhere:

I have brought this up to the team and will let them know this is still something the community would like to see changed. The reason we didn't want to show this while in activities is we thought it would get pretty annoying as you probably still want to finish what you are doing first. Let us know what you think about changing to show in activity or in orbit. Thanks! (Forums)

DMG adds: There were some problem spaces the team was looming at in terms of the warning spamming you in orbit, in game, etc. (Forums)

  • Feedback about buffing Linear Fusion rifles for PVE has been passed along. (Forums)