• On Multikills issues in Survival:

I spoke with the dev team and this is by design. We were trying to address the problem of when you have 1 shared life left and everyone dies at once through a Multikill, who gets to come back and use that last life for the Team?

When a Multikill happens, there is no simple way to understand who died first, so we don’t know who “deserves” to come back. Instead of being frustrated at the teammate who got magically chosen to be brought back in, we decided it was better to revive everyone. It is an infrequent edge case, and we felt it was a better team experience to not have to be angry at your teammates because they got in and you didn’t.

Feel free to give any feedback on this but that's the current thinking. Thanks! (Reddit)

  • Master of Arms nerf clarification:

When Master of Arms procs there will be a damage buff to both precision and body damage, but it will not longer make every shot count as precision. (Reddit)

DMG adds: The Master of Arms perk currently defaults all damage to crit. Will no longer do that. (Twitter) You can spray at a boss or enemy, hit their body, and it gives a damage buff AND crit damage. (Twitter)

Still get a damage buff. Flat %, to my knowledge. Once the change is live, it'll be pretty easy to understand when you see it and feel it. (Twitter)

  • Perfect Gambit triumph fixed next season: Will work how the description reads and no longer fail if someone dies. (Reddit)


  • On poor Anarchy RNG:

Thanks for the post. We've seen a few stories similar to this. While I cannot make the promise of RNG protection being added to previous raids, I can say that we're bringing this feedback to the development team.

Additionally, Anarchy is planned to receive an increase to drop chances in a future update. Want to set proper expectations, it should match the change we made to One Thousand Voices, which is currently at a 10% chance.

Stay tuned for official patch notes in the case something changes between now and then. (Reddit)

  • On how Gambit Combatants are:

Depending on the round, the enemy composition may be different. More majors/less redbars. Sometimes, you'll encounter different enemies to fight against that may require a different approach. Ex: Rushing into a sea of Cabal Legionaries could turn out well, but running into a wall of Cabal Turrets? Might result in the need for a rez.

There are no handicap systems or hidden modifiers to make enemies hit you harder.

Are you seeing differences where enemies are requiring more damage to take down? A redbar dreg in one round taking more shots than another redbar dreg? Throw us videos if that's the case. (Reddit)