• You'll be able to activate Icarus Dash two times before cool down next season. (Reddit)
  • The team is definitely aware that players want more unique loot. I'm not trying to claim this is new feedback we haven't seen before. We try to reply to acknowledge comments to show we are reading these responses. (Reddit)
  • [Cozmo] can pass along [his] own opinions about things, but [his] job is to reach out and get the community's response. (Reddit)
  • The strings for the Garden of Salvation reward lore tabs were added but didn't get hooked up correctly to show in game. Should be fixed in next update. (Twitter)
  • Thundercrash is being tuned in the next update. (Forums)
  • Regarding allowing players to earn Silver from Season Pass: This idea has been brought up before and they have let the team know this is something the community has asked for. (Forums)
  • Will bring up the idea of moving Queensbreaker to Energy slot to the team. (Forums)
  • Dev resources were not used on the cook book. It's being created by a partner through the Bungie Store. (Forums)
  • On Warlock feedback:

We are definitely monitoring feedback about all of the subclass changes we just announced including warlocks. I’ll pass along your feedback about buffing nova warp, what would you like to be changed with it?

I’ll also continue to pass along feedback on increasing Warlock melee speed.

We appreciate the feedback on how you feel about the changes on paper. We’ll also be monitoring feedback once you can play the changes and see how they feel in the game. Thanks for posting. (Forums)

  • The server outage had nothing to do with Stadia. (Forums)
    • DMG doesn't believe they'll ever break down complexities of their Servers/Networking and how things can go sideways but they always love opportunities to explain issues when they can. (Reddit)
    • "What started as a memory issue deep within our services expanded to something that impacted numerous aspects of Destiny, and how it handles clans, loot, and more. After the issue was addressed, we ran into a few more hiccups as we started bringing the game back online." (Twitter)


  • Stay tuned for adjustments to Ada-1. (Reddit)
  • On how feedback will affect the season:

The team is digesting feedback over Season of the Undying every day. While there may not be time to make monumental shifts in development for the next season that's a few weeks out, the feedback we're seeing today could lead to changes midway through the season, or how we approach different aspects of Destiny 2 as a whole.

I understand that there is frustration that many items of feedback can't be rapidly addressed, but I still feel it's incredibly important for you to sound off with feedback whenever you have it. The longer the feedback is given, the more weight it has when it comes to priorities.

Time will always be our enemy, but I have to stress that your voices are heard internally. I talk with people on the development floor every day about your feedback, and it's incredibly valuable to us. I do hope that each set of patch notes has various bullets that indirectly communicate to you that we're indeed listening, and acting when possible.

Thank you. (Reddit)


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  • Bungie Store Black Friday promotions will start November 29th at 6am GMT+1. (Twitter)
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