• They didn't have any change planned for making Solstice armors non-reclaimable from Banshee. They checked into this and couldn't find any bugs or anything in the way they had the content set up that would result in loss of access to the Solstice gear. Will be looked into. (Reddit)
  • Will check ion issues with controller support over steam link. (Reddit)
  • They are investigating Gambit quest "Green With Envy" being bugged. (Reddit)
  • They are passing all of the Iron Banner feedback to the devs, especially about the rocket launcher step not being fun and causing friction in matches. (Reddit) 2 3
  • Symmetry full-auto stopping firing randomly is a known issue and they're working on a fix. (Reddit)
  • On EXP sources feedback:

Thanks for collecting feedback in this thread on Bounties and XP sources. We'll share your thoughts with the team on how you would like these systems to improve in the future.

So far the main points I am seeing are:

  • Make activities reward more XP
  • Bounties should be able to be picked up in Orbit or one location
  • Increase amount of Bounties you can carry

Let me know what other main points you would like us to pass along. Thanks! (Reddit)

Always got to consider AFK protection with this. (Reddit)

  • Iron Banner is currently planned to continue to be the special version of control with the lockdown mechanic. (Twitter)


  • On why all five waves of Altar of Sorrows need to be repeated, as opposed to the EP system: Very good question. I'll shoot this off to the team and see if this could be a future QOL change. Can't make a promise as they're juggling a few things in flight, but your feedback will be heard. (Reddit)
  • Feedback that Schematic requirements for weekly weapon frames should be removed, and that refurbished Black Armory weapons should be more accessible has been forwarded to the team. (Reddit)
  • Feedback comment about Torch Hammer one hit killing players in Gambit can be found here.
  • On Sleeper and Truth in Gambit: Sleeper was an interesting subject, as it could be powerful for invading, counter invading, and Boss DPS at the time. It was an all in one utility, where Truth currently keeps focus to invasions. (Reddit)
  • Quickplay playlist was created specifically to host CBMM with the launch of Shadowkeep, and no SBMM has been intentionally introduced since. We’ll double check when back from holiday. (Twitter)
  • On deadlines of the physical pins: Production of pins, cost of storage, lower demand as seal ages. Not getting to deep into the reasoning on this, but physical goods come with costs outside the game. This wasn’t some arbitrary decision, and has been advertised on the Bungie Rewards page since creation. (Twitter)
  • They're expecting the EDZ obelisk issue to be addressed in January. (Forums)