• Feedback about Pure Matterglass Lens, Weapon Telemetries, and Rainmaker and their usefulness has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Issue where Dawning Packages causes items to move around in inventory and highly important items dismantling as stacks have been logged. Won't be addressed during this event, but they can work towards preventing these headaches in the future. (Reddit)
  • Quick hotfix for the Eververse flashing icon issue potentially for next week. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Strikes needing a revamp has been heard. (Reddit)

"Gunmaster95" (Bungie Designer)

  • Feedback comment thread about Patrol Zones can be found here. From thread:

When the game had Challenges how did you feel about them being automated? One of the goals of removing those and returning to a bounty system (as well as the current patrol beacon system somewhat) is to make players feel like they're opting into the content as well as (potentially) giving them some agency over when and how they take on these additional objectives. An automated rotator system like you describe above removes these things. Do you believe these are important? More or less important that making the experience easier/simpler for players?

What are your goals in distinguishing "world boss" from public events which frequently feature powerful enemies to fight?

One of our pillars for public areas (where you matchmake automatically with others in 'patrol zones') is that you are never upset to see another player or to have them help you. (Note: we haven't always nailed this one, see taken blight event heroic trigger) Having an encounter that requires multiple players to complete (or where players must act in specific roles) creates opportunities for this pillar to be violated. Do you believe that this pillar is important in the context of patrol zones? Do you have any ideas for how to create a " difficult encounter" that will "have interesting and raid like mechanics" that does not create opportunities for players to become frustrated with each other? Can you list examples of such mechanics?

  • Feedback has been heard that players would prefer that the player's objectives and goals be more free-form and feel less structured. Random objectives & things happening to the player as opposed to the player actively seeking out and opting in to their goals. (Reddit)
  • Event overlap is awesome and something they're definitely interesting in continuing to do & do more of!. (Reddit)