• Will give feedback to the team that players would like to see the Bright Dust cost in the Tribute Hall be reduced or removed. (Reddit)
  • On activities with no matchmaking:

When deciding whether an activity will have matchmaking or not we consider the amount of coordination required. Locked loadouts, champions, and extinguish all factored into having Legend Sundial require matchmaking even though it's power is not at the power cap.

I will let the team know that many in the community feel like Legend sundial should have matchmaking enabled. Please give us any other thoughts you have on the topic.

Thanks for the feedback! (Reddit)

  • On SIVA plot: "Destiny has a wide range of lore topics we can explore further. SIVA was a big part of Rise of Iron back in D1. I'll let the team know you would like to see it featured again in the future. Thanks!" (Forums)
  • Feedback has been passed along that players would like to see resilience receive a buff in PVE. (Forums)


  • The team has been digesting feedback concerning Solstice armor (from Year 1 and year 2). No specifics on status, but this will not be addressed this season, or next. They'll continue to bring feedback to the team concerning Solstice armor/ornaments. (Reddit)