• Will the the team know the feedback that players would like the color of Righteous Grieves to be changed with Shaders. (Reddit)
  • Will pass along your feedback that players would like drop rates increased for Y1 raid catalysts, raid weapons, and raid cosmetics. (Reddit)


  • Team is investigating performance issues and loading times. (Reddit)
  • They're discussing the feature of sending a message to people who've submitted a report if the report has been successful internally. "We sent out some "a player you have reported has been removed" messages in the past. May happen again in the future, if we can!" (Reddit)
  • Wish Ender will be fixed in next week's update. "I fully understand this will bring some negative feelings to players, as they enjoyed the unintentional increase to damage. We've brought this feedback to the team, which could be considered for future updates when looking at Bows overall. Again, not a promise, but wanted to give more info." (Reddit)
  • They've been seeing the feedback about difficulty, or the lack thereof, for players deep in to the endgame. Will continue to pass it along. (Reddit)
  • On bug fixes:

Some bugs can share the same priority levels, but one bug with a larger amount of conversation takes longer to fix due to the complexity of the issue. Other times, bugs with a loud conversation can go on without a fix for lengthy amounts of time, as the cost to address it could override the actual benefit.

In terms of player beneficial bugs, I'd like to give an example of an issue that was just discovered that may be fixed in a shorter amount of time than expected. Players can currently hide their weapons/arms, which is leading to some pretty cool content creation. While this bug is benefiting players, it's actually causing issues with memory in the game. The team is investigating the full impact, but things like this could lead to nasty issues the more that players use the bug in public areas. Think error codes, crashes, or other. I admit from a personal side, I'm sad to see the bug needs to be fixed, but a cursory look at the issue indicated a fairly low wake fix (low time to implement, test, and ship) on something that a designer was already looking at.

Another would be the Wormgod Caress. We quickly disabled the Exotic, and are investigating the issue for a future patch. While players were having some fun annihilating bosses, Gambit/Gambit Prime was slowly becoming an issue where players could kill the Primeval in a very short amount of time without many slayer stacks. It was exciting to see players breaking the game in fun and new ways, but there was wider impact than just raids or nightfall bosses. As such, we had to disable access to the exotic, even though the conversation around it was fairly positive out the gate.

I've told the story about the Mercury Sparrow issue a few times, but that's another good example of a highly visible community request where the cost of a fix would have negatively impacted other areas of the game.

As for the Sunbreaker issue, I'll check with the team. I don't mean for the explanations above to be excuses of why we aren't addressing this one specifically. Rather, it could be that we've developed a fix in the past that ended up breaking in another hotfix. It could be caused by connection issues, which would require a rework of the perk. Performing the quick google search is showing me quite a few posts from 2015 and 2016, but it seems the report volume has dropped, so the issue wasn't on our radar. If the repro rate is low enough internally, the priority of the investigation may drop as other issues arise in development on other items that haven't shipped yet.

In any case, we'll get a conversation started with the team and provide updates when possible