• They didn't have any change planned for making Solstice armors non-reclaimable from Banshee. They checked into this and couldn't find any bugs or anything in the way they had the content set up that would result in loss of access to the Solstice gear. Will be looked into. (Reddit)
  • Will check ion issues with controller support over steam link. (Reddit)
  • They are investigating Gambit quest "Green With Envy" being bugged. (Reddit)
  • They are passing all of the Iron Banner feedback to the devs, especially about the rocket launcher step not being fun and causing friction in matches. (Reddit) 2 3
  • Symmetry full-auto stopping firing randomly is a known issue and they're working on a fix. (Reddit)
  • On EXP sources feedback:

Thanks for collecting feedback in this thread on Bounties and XP sources. We'll share your thoughts with the team on how you would like these systems to improve in the future.

So far the main points I am seeing are:

  • Make activities reward more XP
  • Bounties should be able to be picked up in Orbit or one location
  • Increase amount of Bounties you can carry

Let me know what other main points you would like us to pass along. Thanks! (Reddit)

Always got to consider AFK protection with this. (Reddit)

  • Iron Banner is currently planned to continue to be the special version of control with the lockdown mechanic. (Twitter)
  • Feedback about Season Pass has been heard: "This is our second stab at the reward structure of the pass and we are definitely looking to continue to improve it season over season. Feel free to add any suggestions on what things you would like to see as rewards in the pass and what you don't want to see." (Reddit)
  • Eververse icon flashing is currently planned to be fixed in the next update. (Forums)
  • Feedback that triumphs that require LFG shouldn't be part of seasonal Titles/Seals has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • On feedback about XP gains:
  • Now that we are in the second season where XP has been made much more important with the season pass we are gathering feedback from the community on improving how is XP is earned.

    The majority of feedback I am seeing from players is to increase the amount of XP is giving from activities so there is not as much of an emphasis on always concentrating on completing bounties. I'll be sure to include the suggestion that raids should have their XP gains increased as well. Thanks for the feedback! (Reddit)

  • They have been working on a change to make getting the Black Armory rare bounties less of a pain. Currently planned for an upcoming update later this month. (Reddit)
  • They will continue to work to prevent combat idling. (Reddit)
  • A fix is being worked on for progress getting stuck during Green With Envy quest. (Twitter)
  • Will the the team know the feedback that players would like the color of Righteous Grieves to be changed with Shaders. (Reddit)
  • Will pass along your feedback that players would like drop rates increased for Y1 raid catalysts, raid weapons, and raid cosmetics. (Reddit)


  • On why all five waves of Altar of Sorrows need to be repeated, as opposed to the EP system: Very good question. I'll shoot this off to the team and see if this could be a future QOL change. Can't make a promise as they're juggling a few things in flight, but your feedback will be heard. (Reddit)
  • Feedback that Schematic requirements for weekly weapon frames should be removed, and that refurbished Black Armory weapons should be more accessible has been forwarded to the team. (Reddit)
  • Feedback comment about Torch Hammer one hit killing players in Gambit can be found here.
  • On Sleeper and Truth in Gambit: Sleeper was an interesting subject, as it could be powerful for invading, counter invading, and Boss DPS at the time. It was an all in one utility, where Truth currently keeps focus to invasions. (Reddit)
  • Quickplay playlist was created specifically to host CBMM with the launch of Shadowkeep, and no SBMM has been intentionally introduced since. We’ll double check when back from holiday. (Twitter)
  • On deadlines of the physical pins: Production of pins, cost of storage, lower demand as seal ages. Not getting to deep into the reasoning on this, but physical goods come with costs outside the game. This wasn’t some arbitrary decision, and has been advertised on the Bungie Rewards page since creation. (Twitter)
  • They're expecting the EDZ obelisk issue to be addressed in January. (Forums)
  • On "you had to be there" moments:

Hey all,

Pulling the quote from our Season in Destiny 2's Third Year blogpost, where the "You had to be there when..." quote originates:

"Doing this allows us to evolve the world—narratively, but potentially physically as well. It is not possible to keep Destiny frozen in place to allow all activities to live forever while also changing the world in meaningful ways. This strategy lets our team be agile and innovative. We believe that Destiny will grow even better when the world state can change, and that the best Destiny stories are the ones where “you had to be there when….” "

I've bolded a piece to give it a bit more spotlight. There are technical and developmental limitations involved where we cannot continue to support an additional activity with every single release. When I say support, this could be translated as numerous things: supporting bug fixes every release if something comes up in a new patch, refreshing rewards to keep activities relevant/engaging, or even general install size of Destiny 2 as new things are added season to season.

There was a bit more context from Luke for this in the Director's Cut: Part III blogpost:

" I alluded to some of this when we were Looking Back. The game continuing to grow forever isn’t something we can support. Destiny’s simulation, fidelity, and architecture fundamentally make it a big game. I’ve seen a lot of “game X does it, why can’t Destiny?” but the referenced games and ours have very different technical profiles.

Technical limitations aside, we also don’t think making a game that grows forever is Destiny’s path forward. It’s why the second component of the vision is a single, evolving world (to clarify, that single evolving world doesn’t mean there’s only one destination on the Director—that’s not where we’re heading!). "

Narratively, this gives the team opportunity to create world changing experiences. With the transition from Season of Undying to Season of Dawn: Defeat the Undying Mind, stop the Vex Offensive, set the stage for Osiris/St. 14. We saw some negative feedback when the Undying Mind was defeated as the payoff was delayed. To paraphrase a post I read on this subreddit: "Why did I have to be here if I still waited three weeks after beating the boss?" On the other side, we saw a lot of positive feedback around the storylines of Osiris/Saint 14. In other words - things we can improve on, and things we can drive more of.

I greatly appreciate all of the feedback on this topic. The team has been digesting it as they develop future seasons for Year 3. (Reddit)

I didn't say it specifically (which I should have) - there is no intention to force these moments by removing content. We have things to improve on to make some of these moments more impactful. Wanted to provide the reasoning in case people had missed the previous posts. (Reddit)

  • Feedback that all dungeons should drop pinnacle rewards has been heard. (Forums)
  • Feedback about Pure Matterglass Lens, Weapon Telemetries, and Rainmaker and their usefulness has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Issue where Dawning Packages causes items to move around in inventory and highly important items dismantling as stacks have been logged. Won't be addressed during this event, but they can work towards preventing these headaches in the future. (Reddit)
  • Quick hotfix for the Eververse flashing icon issue potentially for next week. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Strikes needing a revamp has been heard. (Reddit)
  • Will give feedback to the team that players would like to see the Bright Dust cost in the Tribute Hall be reduced or removed. (Reddit)
  • On activities with no matchmaking:
  • When deciding whether an activity will have matchmaking or not we consider the amount of coordination required. Locked loadouts, champions, and extinguish all factored into having Legend Sundial require matchmaking even though it's power is not at the power cap.

    I will let the team know that many in the community feel like Legend sundial should have matchmaking enabled. Please give us any other thoughts you have on the topic.

    Thanks for the feedback! (Reddit)

  • On SIVA plot: "Destiny has a wide range of lore topics we can explore further. SIVA was a big part of Rise of Iron back in D1. I'll let the team know you would like to see it featured again in the future. Thanks!" (Forums)
  • Feedback has been passed along that players would like to see resilience receive a buff in PVE. (Forums)

"Gunmaster95" (Bungie Designer)

  • Feedback comment thread about Patrol Zones can be found here. From thread:

When the game had Challenges how did you feel about them being automated? One of the goals of removing those and returning to a bounty system (as well as the current patrol beacon system somewhat) is to make players feel like they're opting into the content as well as (potentially) giving them some agency over when and how they take on these additional objectives. An automated rotator system like you describe above removes these things. Do you believe these are important? More or less important that making the experience easier/simpler for players?

What are your goals in distinguishing "world boss" from public events which frequently feature powerful enemies to fight?

One of our pillars for public areas (where you matchmake automatically with others in 'patrol zones') is that you are never upset to see another player or to have them help you. (Note: we haven't always nailed this one, see taken blight event heroic trigger) Having an encounter that requires multiple players to complete (or where players must act in specific roles) creates opportunities for this pillar to be violated. Do you believe that this pillar is important in the context of patrol zones? Do you have any ideas for how to create a " difficult encounter" that will "have interesting and raid like mechanics" that does not create opportunities for players to become frustrated with each other? Can you list examples of such mechanics?

  • Feedback has been heard that players would prefer that the player's objectives and goals be more free-form and feel less structured. Random objectives & things happening to the player as opposed to the player actively seeking out and opting in to their goals. (Reddit)
  • Event overlap is awesome and something they're definitely interesting in continuing to do & do more of!. (Reddit)
  • The team has been digesting feedback concerning Solstice armor (from Year 1 and year 2). No specifics on status, but this will not be addressed this season, or next. They'll continue to bring feedback to the team concerning Solstice armor/ornaments. (Reddit)
  • Team is investigating performance issues and loading times. (Reddit)
  • They're discussing the feature of sending a message to people who've submitted a report if the report has been successful internally. "We sent out some "a player you have reported has been removed" messages in the past. May happen again in the future, if we can!" (Reddit)
  • Wish Ender will be fixed in next week's update. "I fully understand this will bring some negative feelings to players, as they enjoyed the unintentional increase to damage. We've brought this feedback to the team, which could be considered for future updates when looking at Bows overall. Again, not a promise, but wanted to give more info." (Reddit)
  • They've been seeing the feedback about difficulty, or the lack thereof, for players deep in to the endgame. Will continue to pass it along. (Reddit)
  • On bug fixes:
  • Some bugs can share the same priority levels, but one bug with a larger amount of conversation takes longer to fix due to the complexity of the issue. Other times, bugs with a loud conversation can go on without a fix for lengthy amounts of time, as the cost to address it could override the actual benefit.

    In terms of player beneficial bugs, I'd like to give an example of an issue that was just discovered that may be fixed in a shorter amount of time than expected. Players can currently hide their weapons/arms, which is leading to some pretty cool content creation. While this bug is benefiting players, it's actually causing issues with memory in the game. The team is investigating the full impact, but things like this could lead to nasty issues the more that players use the bug in public areas. Think error codes, crashes, or other. I admit from a personal side, I'm sad to see the bug needs to be fixed, but a cursory look at the issue indicated a fairly low wake fix (low time to implement, test, and ship) on something that a designer was already looking at.

    Another would be the Wormgod Caress. We quickly disabled the Exotic, and are investigating the issue for a future patch. While players were having some fun annihilating bosses, Gambit/Gambit Prime was slowly becoming an issue where players could kill the Primeval in a very short amount of time without many slayer stacks. It was exciting to see players breaking the game in fun and new ways, but there was wider impact than just raids or nightfall bosses. As such, we had to disable access to the exotic, even though the conversation around it was fairly positive out the gate.

    I've told the story about the Mercury Sparrow issue a few times, but that's another good example of a highly visible community request where the cost of a fix would have negatively impacted other areas of the game.

    As for the Sunbreaker issue, I'll check with the team. I don't mean for the explanations above to be excuses of why we aren't addressing this one specifically. Rather, it could be that we've developed a fix in the past that ended up breaking in another hotfix. It could be caused by connection issues, which would require a rework of the perk. Performing the quick google search is showing me quite a few posts from 2015 and 2016, but it seems the report volume has dropped, so the issue wasn't on our radar. If the repro rate is low enough internally, the priority of the investigation may drop as other issues arise in development on other items that haven't shipped yet.

    In any case, we'll get a conversation started with the team and provide updates when possible