• Some changes get missed in patch notes. Some aren't included if they aren't super impactful like minor icon or localization changes. If it's something with matchmaking or sandbox they will always call out changes. (Reddit)
  • On Resilience changes: "Spoke with the team and it looks like this was a side effect of the changes to make resilience affect class ability cool downs and resulted in a .5% difference in vitality for tiers 4-9. I am told that Thorn should have always required 6 resilience to survive 2 headshots and 1 body shot. We currently don't have plans to change resilience back to how it was before." (Reddit)
  • On Dead Cliffs: "We made some minor changes to the spawning of Dead Cliffs. You can read the full patch notes on what changes where made to the maps the returned here. Doesn't appear it was enough to prevent spawn trapping though. I'll put in a request to remove it from the Control playlist based on feedback here." (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Hunter invisibility overuse has been passed along. (Reddit)


  • The team has been investigating the Thermal Vent Bug for a bit, and they're planning to address it in a future hotfix. No specific details. (Reddit)
  • Feedback thread about moving Telesto/Sleeper/Acrius/Skyburners catalysts to other activities can be found here.