• Feedback tweet about the Corridors of Time puzzle can be found here.

As a question, do you find the story of the community coming together to unlock a new, unique exotic early as a let down due to the time investment to do so? Is this because of the reward, or other? Would you have preferred expectations here, as opposed to mystery?

When creating the roadmap, we have the goal of setting expectations of value proposition, or “what’s the amount of content coming with the season pass?” This gives players the ability to justify the purchase compared to previous seasons.

The lack of having the exotic listed could lead to a discussion of lack of value. The lack of a roadmap could lead to a discussion of us “hiding” the season and not providing ample information for an informed purchase.

So, with those thoughts in mind- would you rather see a lack of expectations going in to a season, or more expectations set? It’s an interesting tightrope to walk, a challenging one even! But we’re always looking to improve as Destiny continues to grow.


  • On Bastion and the puzzle

A bit of confusion about everything that happened today, so I'm going to try to make things a bit clearer. :)

The plan was simple: release the puzzle in the second half of January, then release the quest for Bastion at the end of the month (on the 28th, as said on the roadmap). If the community was to solve the puzzle, Bastion would be released earlier than expected."

(Twitter, French)


  • D1 API issues with Stadia are being investigated. Additional difficulties have delayed a fix. (Reddit)